Many programming disappointments this week, the biggest of which is that I need to write all of Connect in C++, including the foundation code, because the complexity is too great for me otherwise. Also, C++ development on platforms that aren't is less than great. Not real wild about Qt Creator, either TBH.

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And unit testing on C++ is incredibly awkward compared to other frameworks I've used

@Jon Yoder Sorry to hear that. Disappointments = Learning & Growing.
You got this. 😀

@JonYoder what is it about C++ on Haiku that's better there? I'm still trying to find a reason to both try C++ and try Haiku; maybe this'd be it

@CodingItWrong Most of the OS is C++, and the API is very elegant without being complicated. It's also how I learned to program about 20 years ago on BeOS. As I was telling my son this morning, if I'd known that C++ was as annoying on BeOS as it is on other platforms, I wouldn't have become a hobby developer.

You might find the book I wrote a while ago useful.
'Learning to Program with Haiku':

@CodingItWrong Honestly, if you don't have a good reason to learn C++, don't bother -- it's Qt for me, for example. There are a lot of languages out there that have a much better developer experience

@JonYoder yeah, if anything I might do it to understand what's happening under the hood. C itself might be more strategic so I can contribute to CRuby

@CodingItWrong Then I'd recommend C++. One of the nice things is that in learning C++, you also learn skills to make C bearable, and you can also write C-compatible functions in C++.

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