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functional programming, eh? well, here's the thing: it's much harder to make harmful mistakes in a programming language that doesn't function

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we’re all niggers

No we are not. But we are all brothers and sisters.

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They say AI is going to revolutionize the world, and yet Google still needs my help identifying fire hydrants on a daily basis.

I was reminded tonight how refreshing it is to write code for a project you want to do just because it's fun and interesting. No pressure, just enjoyment.

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I am a K-12 creative arts teacher who would like to follow more K-12 teachers.

Boosts requested, please and thank you. :boost_ok:

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A close friend of one of my favorite bands, , was admitted to a hospital in late 2019 and came out more than three months later, having lost all of his limbs. The song "Say I Won't" tells his story.

He also has a $1 million GoFundMe to help cover his expenses.

Personally, if I had that much in medical debt, I'd never be able to pay off such an astronomical amount. Anything you can give would be a blessing for him.

Just came across Vieb, a Chromium-based web browser with a Vim-like interface. Not a vim (or emacs) kind of guy, but if you're a heavy keyboard user, this is nothing short of amazing. Mouse not required!

Medium often features prominently in search engine content. For example, if I search for stuff related to elementary OS, top results are their stuff on their main blog followed by their older stuff on Medium. May be it's just me, IDK

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Brought home a SonicWall TZ210 and discovered that messing with this thing isn't going to just be a project, it's going to be a misadventure. Yay?

Tried Coke with Coffee today, the vanilla variant. Coke is meh. Coffee is awesome. The combination? Less than meh. 😞

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A switch has silently been flipped in millions of instances of Google Chrome: those browsers will begin sorting their users into groups based on behavior, then sharing group labels with third-party trackers and advertisers around the web.

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#lessons for #resurrection #Sunday:

- If you don't talk about #death you will not die, right? You wish!
- So, let's talk about death (and what may come next).
- This man, Jesus, claims that he #resurrected from the dead and, more, that you may also be resurrected.
- Now you choose. As C. S. Lewis wrote, he is either a #liar, a #lunatic or #God.
- Can you honestly say that Jesus was incoherent or false? Then he probably is saying the #truth. Then, death is not the end.

People don't believe me that sometimes computers don't involve magic voodoo. I beg to differ. Example? This is from my recently-started config management tool port:


Regular expressions even make functional programming look friendly to regular people. And, yes, I wrote and understand this.

Decided to rewrite a personal project in , a *simple* cross-platform configuration management tool. I've found that Go is deceptively simple: the rabbit hole goes *far* deeper than it appears at first. Here goes another adventure. :happycat:

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