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Friendly reminder: Jesus loves you.

Gay or straight. Republican or Democrat. Cis or trans. Black or white. Pro-Windows or Pro-Linux. It doesn't matter. You're His and he loves you just the way you are.

Playing through Final Fantasy 3 for the SNES after many years. I'd forgotten just how amazingly done this game is.

Shower thought: saying "what's true for me isn't necessarily true for you" is like saying "this sentence is false."

Preferences and opinions are one thing, and truth is another.

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crypto is short for "cryptography"

if you want a shorter word for "cryptocurrency", the word you are looking for is "ponzi"

A lot of people have missed you here. It's good to know you're doing well. 😄

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"Let's use pdf instead of HTML because the web is bloated"

dude, gemini is *right there*

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RT @dust__bath
I mistyped on my work laptop and found today- why has nobody told me about this before? It’s amazing

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Did a shorter strength-focused yoga session too late in the day. Winding down from it with a bowl of yogurt, blueberries, and granola, while enjoying the post-thunderstorm rain-scented cool air coming in my open windows.

A little while before that I was at the grocery store, gathering a few ingredients for a simple after-church meal (my family is coming over), pondering whether or not a shorter lady would be offended if I came right out and offered to help with the top shelf, and later lip-syncing to a Tom Petty song.

I maintain that a lot of life is about little moments like these, and being conscious of simple beauty.
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Interesting conversation at today's #FediverseBibleStudy.

Googled some examples:

Former Atheist Uses Reason to Find God

Lee Strobel, a former investigative journalist, sought to debunk the claims of Christianity but his research led him down an unexpected path.

It'll take forever for me if I tried to do research like what those former atheists did.

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LibreOffice Calc Survey

❤️ "Help Us Improve LibreOffice Calc" -- due 31 July 2021


⭐ Please share it would help LibreOffice development.

✏️ #LibreOffice #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Development

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Dear Silicon Valley,

You don’t “have a trust problem.”

You’re just not trustworthy.


A much better version of : today is cancelled. Go back to bed.

Sitting in my jammies and eating ice cream while fixing computers. Yes, the ability to occasionally work remotely *definitely* has its perks.

Love is like axle grease: it's sticky, it's messy, and it covers over all the rough edges.

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Working on migrating some storage over to a new NAS, and realized that I have literally the most epic, vintage collection of LOLcats on the planet.

Boost it if you love LOLcats.

#lolcats #lolcat #catsofmastodon

(also: #freenas #truenas #zfs)

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Fact-check: has #Signal's encryption been broken?

> Signal encryption is (almost certainly) safe, but if someone gains access to your unlocked device, all bets are off.

> If someone from the government, or whomever else you might be worrying about, gets into your phone, you’re pretty out of luck – but that’s not what Signal is meant to protect from. Its main purpose is to protect data that’s currently moving, not data that’s sitting.

I've been watching videos lately to sharpen my skills. This thing is so good I can't honestly see why anyone would bother with Illustrator.

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