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In der aktuellen Folge im "Von Herzen Vegan Podcast" spreche ich mit Katinka Ehret über ihren Weg aus dem veganen Weltschmerz und wie sie es geschafft hat, nicht im allgegenwärtigen Tierleid zu versinken.

#vegan #vystopie #podcast

Freenode observation; the glorious will of the people ☭ 

While the freenode thing really does suck in a lot of ways, I have seen a bright side to it. This situation basically ended up being a great example of why collective ownership is important, and one of the reasons I personally think FOSS might hold a good policy model for society somewhere inside of it.

Basically what we learned is that you can definitely say you own something and wave around the legal papers to prove it... But in the real world, the service is where the people are. Users, the people who provide value to IRC by making FOSS projects and chat servers, are ultimately the ones who owned the means of production... and they were ultimately able to stand their ground.

Freenode-- as an ownable piece of IP --is basically dead now, except for zombie chat rooms indignantly kept alive by Freenode staff. However, Freenode as a community basically rebuilt itself over night on Liberachat, and that's awesome. :flagAnCom:

Where are some places/communities you see CC licenses being used on software? (Other than Stack Overflow, which is the first one I think of.)

(Yes, boosts appreciated!)

Ad blocker: visually hides ads. Tracker scripts by ad companies still track you.

Tracker blocker (e.g., actually blocks trackers. Blocks ads as a side-effect as 99% of ads are trackers.

The former is like closing your eyes to make the wolf disappear.

Bitte denkt daran: Ende Mai schließt Alle Daten werden gelöscht werden.

Zieht eure Accounts rechtzeitig um!

Bayram mübarek olsun! Eid Mubarak!

Ich wünsche ein frohes !

folks (Or: folks?), I just wondered if there are different kind of quote signs?!

Cause those are different use cases for quotes, right?!

- A direct quote like: the he told me to "get the heck out".
- putting something in quotes, like: after this "friendly" reminder, I left.

Question came up when I used

"And at least a third of the company’s employees" (->a quote from a text)
are leaving a "turned out to be evil" company (my words)

in the same toot (

Here is the root of #Basecamp’s problems: “Who's responsible for these changes? David and I are. Who made the changes? David and I did. These are our calls, and the outcomes and impacts land at our doorstep.” A thread: #coop #democracy 🧶

They have a word for Twitter on the fediverse.

They call it “hell site”.

It’s very apt.

@aral This whole debacle seems to me like a good argument for work-owned corporations, where dramtic changes can't be forced onto the employees.

Big changes in corporate culture is neccesary from time to time, but has to be the result of processes where the ones who will be affected can have a real say in the matter. Usually you end up with far better solutions and compromisses in the end when the employees also are owners, although it might take much longer to get there.

I have encountered more image descriptions on Mastodon in 24 hours than I have in Twitter in a couple of years. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating.
As a blind person, this means a lot to me. If you read this and you describe your images, thank you so, so, so much on behalf of all of us. If you don't, now you know you'll be helping random Internet strangers make sense of your posts by typing in a few more words than usual.

Also, it is a quality that I look for that something (like: Software) .

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Finde es ehrlich gesagt hochgradig lächerlich von #Microsoft, dass sie es als Marktführer mit liebster Unterstützung der Behörden nicht hinbekommen, ein gesetzeskonformes Produkt anzubieten.

Gemeinsam mit anderen will ich in den nächsten Wochen beginnen einen Medienkompetenzworkshop zu entwickeln! Erklärtes Ziel ist, dass Schüler*innen am Ende eigenständig Software auf Kriterien der digitalen Nachhaltigkeit überprüfen können. Ideen was auf keinen Fall fehlen darf?

Wieder einmal ein absolut toller Service von @rufposten.
Ich möchte mich bei Dir @rufposten einmal für die tolle Arbeit bedanken die Du machst, vor allem auch für diejenige die nicht jahrzehnte lang IT studiert haben. Vielen Dank..... 🍺

#Android #Datenschutz #Tracktor #digitaleselbstverteidigung

Wer schon immer mal herausfinden wollte, welche (oft rechtswidrigen) Verbindungen eine Android-App aufbaut:

Für den @tracktor habe ich eine Anleitung geschrieben, wie man mit der App "PCAPdroid" Datenverbindungen aktiver SDKs erkennt.

Für Fortgeschrittene gibt es auch ein Tutorial, wie man den Datenverkehr entschlüsselt.

Wow, that's nice:

Q: How to find -classes with/without a test class?
A: Via "ABAP Object Search" (flag:test -> has a test class; falg:!test -> does not have a test class)

Source: :

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