I think I finally understood, why people complain about ABAP_BOOL not beieng a real thing.

I had assumed that it makes sure to only allow the values abap_true and abap_false, but no:

It's just a type c of length 1 . I could supply 'W' or 'Z' to it as well... :-(

By the way:

Line-numbering in is different, if you use vs.


CL_SALV_ALV_GRID->display( ).

-> in SE24 - lines 1-7.
-> in AdT - lines 134-140.

: shows exactly this example (left part: AdT; right part: SE24)

SAP (Upgrade SPDD) 

It's -Time again.

I have noticed that in SPDD the "adjust" option never makes any useful proposals in my cases -> it always proposes to revert to the original ("Proposal corresponds to current version").

My cases are most often that the enhancement-category was changed (from "not enhanceable") or a searchhelp was added....

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