Four years ago I met Mike who’s been developing It has always been a paid service but now (and at least until the end of 2020) he’s making it a public service.

The crux is…

You set a writing goal (X words) and when you write you only see the last letter you just typed.

This helps to get into flow.

I just tried it again (a few minutes ago) with 120 words and here’s the result…

Writing like that feels pretty good and it kills the inner censor/editor.

I hope it’s helpful for you.



I link the idea (thanks for sharing!) and too a short look at it, but: it's an -service, did I get that right?

I personally can't imagine being force to be online when writing!
(I actually find myself more produktiv/focused with a workflow like this:

1. internet off.
2. write. ( = without distraction)
3. internet on.
4. publish.

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Yes, it’s an online service.

Thanks for sharing your preferred workflow. Based on that, what do you think of

And would you use a native app (that works like but you you could use it on your computer to write offline?

I’m always looking for ways to expand my other project ( with tools and services and offline-freewriter could be neat and helpful. I can put it on my todo list.

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