@Joachim_Rees Great to see quality articles coming back to the SAP blogs.


Yes it is!

But I fear, those articles are sometimes hard to discover. (I use RSS-feeds, which works nicely for me, but I'm sure many are not even aware they exist or how to use them).

So I try to mention (here and/or in ) when I read something I like!

How about you, have you read (or written?) anything interesting in Sap-Community recently? How active are you there?

@Joachim_Rees I'm not active that SAP community at all. There were some issues with it in the past, like the huge update and migration where a lot of the users were removed (GDPR?). It's much easier for me to GOOGLE an answer than to keep up with their feed.


Thanks for sharing your experience!

Can I somehow invite you back to ? I'm sure you find your answers via other ways, but it might be a chance to give back a little, maybe with just a 'like' or a little comment.

Form experience I can tell how 'sad' it is, to not get any reaction to something you posted - or to put it positively:



It's nice to get feedback, be it likes, views or comments.

I'm pretty sure your "Great to see quality articles coming back to the SAP blogs." would make a nice and welcome comment on that blog!


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