Die Haltung von @maxschrems@twitter.com zur Nutzung datenschutzwidriger Dienste ist mir sympathisch:

"Wenn im Supermarkt die Hälfte der Produkte ranzig ist, ist die Lösung ja auch nicht, dass ich nicht mehr esse, sondern dass die ihre Kühlkette in Ordnung bringen."


Tja, mein Arbeitgeber wechselt nun auch auf #office365 - Meine intervention und auch die schon genutzte #nextcloud haben leider nichts gebracht :( Das argument war wie immer: "An Microsoft führe kein weg vorbei und dann bekommen wir alles andere ja quasi umsonst dazu." #microsoft

SAP NetWeaver 7.52 gibt es seit 2019, und doch haben nicht viele migriert. Für das Update spricht unter anderem das ABAP SQL Test Double Framework.
ABAP SQL Test Double Framework: Förderer von Clean Code in SAP-Anwendungen
#SAP #sapnetweaver

Vielen Dank an alle, die geboostet haben, dass ich auf der Suche nach einem neuen #Linux Admin Job bin, weil meine jetzige Firma nach MS365 migrieren will.

Ich habe bereits einige Hinweise bekommen, aber ihr könnt natürlich gerne weiterhin boosten und Hinweise senden.

Noch kurz einige Eckdaten:
- 50 Jahre
- 20 Jahre Erfahrung Linux, davon 15 professionell als System und Netzwerk-Admin

- Ort: Düsseldorf, westl. Ruhrgebiet und/oder HomeOffice(bundesweit)

When you think about it Mozilla's relationship with Google is analogous to say if Blackwater was the major funder of Amnesty International or if Jeffrey Epstein was the main funder of UNICEF.

Now maybe one can say so long as money is used for just cause pecunia non olet.

But, 1) those who donate the $$ pull the strings and 2) a decent chunk of the money is funneled into executives' pockets in this instance.

When it ran dry (see 1), they layed off workers, not cut executives' wages.

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Using and ist still not so common for me.
I have to look up things (how did I do that?) from time to time.

Good that I wrote something down a wile ago in :


So I'm still looking for a new job, if anyone is looking for a low-level C and C++ developer with some other languages mixed in and ideally has an open, fully-remote position, let me know~.

If it's for maintaining open source tooling that's a big plus~

Der heutige "IT-Gipfel" aller Betriebe im Konzern ergab: wir werden unweigerlich umsteigen auf Microsoft365 und Azure. Voll und ganz.

Vielleicht sucht dort draußen noch jemand noch einen Senior Linux Admin mit > 15 Jahren Berufserfahrung? Gerne boost.

When climate deniers hit you with that “wind turbines kill millions of birds” bad-faith argument you can show them this chart


I have a problem in using / (things (Z-Appends on ) don't work right... ) , and am using to semi-automate recreation of the problem.

I've just been browsing BandCamp with Javascript turned off. Advanced features won't work without JS, like keyword search, listening to music, or buying stuff, but basic navigation around the site works with only HTML / CSS.

Good stuff BC devs!

#MakeJavascriptOptional #BandCamp

#Spacebear provides #Hometown hosting! This is pretty cool! A bit expensive but probably worth it for the peace of mind.

Not sure how many approx. users small and medium plans can accommodate. Dropped them an email. 📧

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Interesting discussion in (and apparently elsewhere, too).

- unlike other Cloud Platforms - has no permanent free tier and is not easy to handle.
Parallels are drawn to , the Mobile OS that "once held almost 40% market share and then quickly faded into oblivion".

Here's the full article by :


Huh. Apparently I have come to the point where I dislike doing Captchas more than I like to visit most webpages. Sorry, Cloudflare users, you lost me. 🤷

The #Welsh Alphabet #10


ae ai au as in eye, aye

aw as how, now, brown, cow

ei as eight

eu as in say, pray

ew is tricky, try e as in bed oo as in moon but just the eh and the oo

iw / i'w as in "ew! (that's disgusting)"

yw / y'w as in yew

oe as in boy, toy

ow as in low, tow, never as in town, clown

wy as in gooey, fluid

ywy as in the ooey of gooey, but a hint of a y sound at the begnninng. Say "fluid" but drop the fl and add a y.

OK, let's break down llanfairpwll...

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“Transparency has little value without choice.” – Laura Kalbag

Read @laura’s thoughts in this openDemocracy article titled “Designing data transparency – ideas from the community”


(Written) Language German / English 

What's really annoying to me, having as a first language:

I do capitalise nouns, which is the right thing to do in German. So it is very fine I do it there.
...but I also do it, when writing in , and there it's wrong.

So I think this is the error I correct the most, when I go over a draft I wrote in English: changing back capitalised nouns.

[This is not telling you what you should do - it's telling you what I did and how it is great!]

People, you should get a #globe!
I did, and it is very insightful!

Like: #Europe (where I live) is tiny!
And: The Pacific is huuuge!

...I mean I kind of "knew" these thing how our maps are rigged and colonial and marginalizing others and showing us bigger than we actually are and all that...

But looking at that plastic ball, I just SEE it. -> it's a different kind of insight!

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