When taking notes in my texteditor, I was wondering, if the date format I use ist the correct on.

Funnily, the fastest way to find out was searching for "date", the 2nd hit is what I was looking for:


(I had rememberd reading it years ago, but wouldn't remember the content.)

So: Correct date format is :


which is what I was (and will keep) using.

Also I got to read a littel bit about .

Nice read at , on how -Views is the new -Objects, and why we (old ABAPers) shouldn't hesitat to longt to addapt it.

I agree.


SAP (SAP Community, answering Questions) 

SAP (S4HANA 1809, Problems, MIRO DUMP) 

SAP S/4HANA Upgrade 

Menschen, die entwickeln haben sich bisher noch nicht gemeldet 😞

( mastodon.social/@el_joa/101381 )

Aber vielleicht sind ja Menschen, die beraten (v.A. im #SAP-Umfeld) auf #Jobsuche und haben Lust auf #Mainfranken / Raum #Würzburg ?

Gesucht werden #Consultant|s (m/w/d) z.B. für:
SAP SD, MM oder PP (optional auch als #inhouse! )
SAP Success Factors
SAP Enterprise Information Management (inhouse)
Presales SAP S/4HANA

Frag mich gern nach Details!


Not only is it still terribly frustrating to investigate the energy sources used by websites/servers, but also the information available about #GreenWebhosting on the internet is either old or extremely fragmentary.

Just look at the Wikipedia article which cites an article from 2008 (!!!) that predicted data centers' environmental footprint to eventually outpace that of aviation: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_ho


SAPNote (potential un-usable link) 

SAP KnowHow 


SAP / SAP Community 

SAP S/4HANA Upgrade 

I hand't used in years - today I did and it worked fine! :-)

Welcome @Hau

you are only the 3rd person know to me in the fediverse tooting about (or having it the bio, in your case)

Looking foreward to interact!

SAP (Upgrade SPDD) 


SAP Upgrade 

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