Hey @naii ,

kürzlich war in "Die Höhle der Löwen" die App "Music Traveler".

-> Das hat mich (vom Konzept her) sofort an dein -Projekt erinnert!

I sometimes think about (not) providing links.
On one hand, it might be considered nice, if I talk about something to also provide a link to it.

On the other hand, no-link toots are also very nice, as it is a "just read it, and you're done"- experience -> no urge to also click the link, open a new tab, get distracted.

Also, no-link toots have a certain quality towards me not trying to 'sell' you something.

Sorting my thoughts, ABAP, Code-Improvements, ATC 

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Sorting my thoughts, ABAP, Code-Improvements, ATC 

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Sorting my thoughts, ABAP, Code-Improvements, ATC 

🚗 I'm involved in organising a hackweek in April for trustroots.org - kind of an open source and free alternative to couchsurfing etc, that came out of the hitchwiki project (so lots of hitchhikers on it...).

👭 it kind of represents a bit of a reboot of the project, to get more active team again. and we're keen to make it more community-driven...

❓ feel free to ask me questions!

💻 you can register your interest here --> trustroots-hackathon.survey.fm

👍 pls boost!


...jetzt hab ich mich selbst verwirrt: ich hab vorhin "Datum des letztes Zugriffs " als Lese-Zugriff interpretiert? ist das so?

Was ich will, ist: Dateien, die in den letzten N Tagen "Erstellt oder Geändert" wurden. bzw. die Ausschließen, für die das nicht der Fall ist.

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..ich merke grade, dass ich in meiner -Strategie mit (unter ) etwas anderes mache, als ich dachte:

Ich verwende /MAXLAD , hatte aber immer das Verhalten von /MAXAGE im Kopf...
(Wunderte mich eben, warum da so alten Daten in den Backups landen.... )

/MAXLAD:n :: Maximales Datum des letztes Zugriffs - schließt Dateien aus, die seit n nicht verwendet wurden.

/MAXAGE:n :: Maximales Dateialter - schließt Dateien aus, die älter als n Tage/Datum sind.

It would make for a clear cut, not carrying old stuff over.
Inspired by a piece of coding that shouldn't have been there ("I'll quickly try that it here!"), which didn't cause any problem for ~2 Upgrades, but the in the 3rd it did! (no big deal, but still...).

So every year we would get rid of the burden of old, unwanted coding and also of old, unwanted data (e.g. pre-€-Documents), eliminating them as a source of trouble.

Anyone doing this already?


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We're doing software development. (Putt very simple: a bunch of -Code, called "AddOns".)

Every year, with the new S/4HANA release, we upgrade our Dev-System.
Then we test if everything still works.

Recently I was wondering:

Instead of an upgrade, we could
1. do a new installation of the latest release
2. Bring out AddOns to that
3. Create test master data (e.g. via ).
4. do our tests.
5. throw away the old system.


Everyone who considers themselves aware of #Amazon's societal detriment should repeat this challenge:


Would be cool if we could game it - the person who empowers Amazon the least for a year wins a bag of reddit gold.. (oh shit, can't be that).. wins an anonymous #Signal account (oh shit, no).. okay, we give them a dirt hut in the middle of the Amazon forest with no internet service.

> "Project Common Voice by Mozilla is a campaign asking people to donate recordings of their voices to an open repository."

This is a great idea, but it's already existed for some time:

Or what about librivox.org? It's a massive corpus of spoken speech in multiple languages, all waived into the #PublicDomain with #CC0.

potentially unusable link: SAP-Note 

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brings us
structure (SE11) ISCMMDTYRISKOBJITMTP , which is 'Partly active' and cant be activated because
"Too many nested INCLUDEs".

Phase: ACT_UPG
1EEAD226 Too many nested INCLUDEs
1EEDO519 "Table" "ISCMMDTYRISKOBJITMTP" could not be activated

(It doesn't seem to hurt us ( something...) , as our test ran fine so far, but still it's not pretty....

It's upgrade-time!

We're going S/4HANA 1909 (from 1809).

I'll use to tag funny (or not) things we'll encounter on that way.
(Like last year's looing dictionary types: mastodon.technology/@Joachim_R )


While (in S/4HANA) will keep using the -interface, the standalone version of is now connected via .

Hey @fakefred , I just discovered your comics and I like them! Thanks for drawing and sharing!

Being called crazy (in a very friendly and positive way!) in by @mmcisme 😉

Just because I tried (and succeeded) in writing a blog post (+ a comment) solely with the keyboard!


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