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The air-gap is difficult to manage but also essential to mitigate risks to sources. We're indeed moving towards a setup based on Qubes OS that will offer comparable security properties.

That work is quite far along already. See github.com/freedomofpress/secu (for developers right now but the screenshot gives you an idea how it will work).

In the meantime, if we can help with SecureDrop, please don't hesitate to contact us at securedrop AT freedom DOT press!

“The technology behind the internet is not incompatible with our rights, but the business model Facebook and Google have chosen is.”

Yep, that’s Amnesty International saying that.


Read about Fabrice Bellard for the first time today - seems to be doing lots of awesome stuff!


I did not real expect this to work, but it did:

Just changing the release-number (twice!) in the URL of the on brought me to the newer version of that document

I started here, at 7.51:

and got here to 7.53:

, but not very intuitive, is it?
A button/link "view this Page for another ABAP-Version" would be!

This helped myself today! :-)

Question (typing "Transport" in the search filed) to answer (finding this toot) in ~ 2 seconds.

Today I had another use.case for : I figured I didn't have yet, and a simple

> choco install youtube-dl

got me it.
It's nice not having not care about adding something to PATH, and it maybe also took care of python.
It just works, and that is nice!

A recent outage of the internet makes me think:

How much of your work can you do ? (Or with only a weak or temporary internet connection. )
How dependent are you on internet connection?
Do you have a offline backup-plan?

Shortly dipped into today - to me it seems ok/nice to quickly try something out, and also quickly get rid of it again.

But for Software I (know I) want to keep, I'll probably stick to manual download + installation , keeping full control.

I think I finally understood, why people complain about ABAP_BOOL not beieng a real thing.

I had assumed that it makes sure to only allow the values abap_true and abap_false, but no:

It's just a type c of length 1 . I could supply 'W' or 'Z' to it as well... :-(

Thought: it's really cool seeing a using their at excellence - be it a bus driver precisely making it through the narrow alley, or a coder knowing his very well, not needing a mouse at all, precisely and fastly hitting his keyboard.

@Joachim_Rees @lunduke IIRC Ubuntu Touch was pushing that workflow back then when it was still a thing.

I still think that a situation in which we need to carry 4 cores and 4GB of RAM with us to display a map or view a website is pathological. But now that we've ended up in it, guess it wouldn't be bad if people could attach some sane peripherals to the 4 cores and 4GB of RAM they already have as use it as a regular PC.

I got a new pc () so I have to install the programs I want.
I was smart and made a list, so not to much of a big deal - I still wonder if maybe it could be done smarter next time:

I have that list of programs, I go to the URL, download the latest version, install it, repeat with the next list item.

Maybe that could be (semi-)automated somehow?

Then again, it only happens every few years, so probably not worth the bother...

7. Klick auf "Download the SAP Passport" -> lokal speichern

8. Doppelklick auf *.pfx-Datei

9. -> Win-Zertifikat-Import-Assistent startet. (Passwort ist das aus 6.)

Ausprobieren (z.B. mit community.sap.com -> )
10.1 erkennt das Zertifikat direkt

10.2 musste ich einmal neu starten.


Arbeiten mit dem via ist so angenehme, dass es sofort negativ auffällt, wen es nicht mehr da ist.
So bin ich wieder ran gekommen:

An anmelden:
1. launchpad.support.sap.com/

2. S-User oder E-Mail als Anmeldename

3. S-User-Passwort angeben.

Passport beantragen:
4. SAP-Passport-App öffnen.

5. Nochmal S-User-Passwort angeben

6. Im PopUp ein Passwort für das Zertifikat angeben


@aral @ I'm especialli interested in your take!? "no, there is non on that platform!" is the sad but valid answer I expect... 😞

I got a new laptop (), so this is a good time to reflect on my choice.

So far I have been using (+) and am ok with it function-wise, but maybe there's on that is less-bad in regards to respecting:

-> Design -> 2017.ind.ie/ethical-design/

(I have no chance to switch the platform here, so is given).


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