Anyone got any ideas for how to get Linux adopted, that aren't just victim-blaming Windows users?

@octet33 People are generally hesitant to try new unknowns, especially if they don't have a strong feeling about future benefits. I think we'd have to make Linux "the default" in some places, so people are made to naturally use it and can realise themselves that it's not magical or for-programmers-only.

As someone else said, schools could be a good place to start.

I have raised dozens of kids on linux since the late 90's. They all insisted on taking it to college with them too.
Typical office staff will NOT even notice that the firefox, libre/open/office and thunderbird are now running under linux vs windows.
Just waltz them along.
They suffered far more jarring changes with MS versions and 'the ribbon' bs.
I've done this over and over again in many offices of smb.
Maybe you retain 1-2 ms boxes for some govt or corp bs, but that's it.

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@gemlog @octet33 Yea, exactly. The difficulty isn't with getting people to use it, is it with getting them to *start* using it. Therefore it's important to ensure linux OSs just exist on computers people naturally use, like those in schools.

It would also help greatly if major retailers offered laptops without Windows installed next to thr current offerings, to show customers exactly how much windows costs (though maybe bloatware deals offset the windows license on mainline laptops?)


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@gemlog @octet33 Also: Glad to hear, that's inspiring! May I ask in what position you had the opportunity to "raise dozens of kids on Linux"? :)

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Ah. Privileged position. I'm "that" 'uncle'. I only have two kids myself, but have friends with quite large families. Like 9, 10, 12 kids. Also a few with 2, 4 and 6 kids.
- I'm the neighbourhood geek for all my friends (read: use linux or find another geek) and
- I LOVE reading to kids and getting them to read aloud.
Result: lots of *nix-friendly kids who love Asterix and Obelix ;-)
I can also french braid ;-)

@clacke Here's a fun thing to do if you know a young family, but grandkids work too.
Get some Asterix & Obelix. Be the narrator. Have kids compete to voice the various characters. Even the littles that can't read can "do the noises". 'Grrrr', 'Bonk', 'Woof'... they will come to recognize the bold text and the !!! marks - their siblings whisper to them what to say.
Bonus: puns!
Bonus: Latin
Bonus: go get the dictionary
Bonus: history lessons
Make them do the accents too ;-)

@octet33 @JenLA

@gemlog @octet33 @JenLA I did learn a lot of history from Asterix and supplementary lookups in the family encyclopedia. Far more engaging than school.

A very long time ago the second largest family I know was reading tin tin. Pathetic.
No, no, no!
Their computer had microsoft on it.
I fixed them :-)
Now-a-days some of the older ones are 'in the world'. Eldest is in charge of our local medical imaging at the hospital. Next is forensics with rcmp. Next is philo mechanics.. geo-sci... Still a few to grad yet. Not many :-(
@octet33 @JenLA

@gemlog And the biggest bonus of them all is that the kids are introduced to the proper, real, the one that matters, classic literature.

@clacke @octet33 @JenLA

With my own kids, the happiest days (and I remember them) were when I asked what they were doing and they were reading books for pleasure. Yay! :-)
If you can manage simple times tables and algebra and read and write, well, you can do anything. My job is done!
"Now, get out there a get a job and quit mopping up calories. You are 9 years old for goodness sake!" "Do I look like I"m made of money?"
And get a haircut!
@clacke @octet33 @JenLA

@gemlog I still read and so does my wife. My 9 year old has picked it up too. Can't ask for more.

@clacke @octet33 @JenLA

Rope in K1's friends :-)
First there's a child on either side of you on the couch and you read.
Then same, plus a new little on your lap and the book is on their lap.
Next there are two on each side.
Then kids standing looking over to read their parts from behind the couch.
End game: you are now sitting on the floor in front of the couch flanked by two on each side, one in your lap and a full couch with more rotten kids standing behind it.
@clacke @octet33 @JenLA

@gemlog @Iwalkalone @octet33 @JenLA So happy that the 7-year-old now sneaks away and reads his Dog Man comic books when I fall asleep reading them. 😁

Still, I need to tell him that he was really supposed to be sleeping. Also I hope we can upgrade to text novels soon!

Oh yes! I remember! :-)
In the car on the highway, it's quiet in the back (children aren't allowed up front when they are little in my country). Why? What's going on? "What are you doing?" "Reading" "What? What are you reading?" "I'm reading a chapter book - I got it from the library."
SCORE! I WIN! :-) I don't need to worry about that child in life :-)
Now... about her dodgy younger brother... Hmmm.
That was years ago - now I'm in the grandad zone...
@Iwalkalone @octet33 @JenLA

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