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Someone responds to your toot with a clever reply which you really appreciate, but have nothing to add to yourself. What should you do?
- Fav and move on
- Write a short appreciative response to end the thread
- Think really hard to force out a worthwile reply, marking the beginning of a chain of ever-increasingly convoluted thoughtpieces until all you can do is block each other, fav and move on.

See, I usually go with 2 which has started to feel a bit unpersonal, considering what direction to move in.

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hello, today is my birthday so please materially support your local protests, communities, and ecological spaces. and give me boosts for a dopamine hit

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thoughts about post-apocalyptic fiction and climate change 

post-apocalyptic fiction that doesn't just depict the world after the end as basically mad max is very important

like, we can do better

we need more stories where people work together to help each other survive and build a community out of the ashes of the old world

instead of just... warlords or some shit

it'll be very important in the coming years

fiction informs our ideas about what's possible

if, after the climate apocalypse, we assume the only things we can do are recreate capitalism or devolve into barbarity -- then that's all that will ever happen

but a better world IS possible

and the time will come when it will be our job to build it

and that starts today, with the stories we tell

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possibly the idea of insisting that "automatically regenerating sentiments and information from an intermediate representation rather than the original source text goes against artistic intent" will be treated similarly to the old "looking at art works in print form or on-screen can't compare to the original". most people will actually agree in theory but in practice nobody really cares, and most people won't bother going to a gallery when it's not necessary and the 'lossy' way is so convenient

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ukpol, tory scum, privatisation 

If we keep letting these tory scum get away with selling stuff that's not theirs to sell (aka fencing it), they'll keep doing it. Not that there's much left. Its time we took back our public services.

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detransition rate

In this study there were 3,398 patients, 16 mentioned regret or detransition.

12 attribute this to social pressure, and only 3 de-transitioned with no intention to transition again.

That’s 3 people from a sample of 3,398 trans people.

That’s 0.088% of people sampled. Literally less than 1 in 1000 people seeking treatment to aid transition.

Therefore the successful treatment rate is 99.92% of people treated being trans, and happy with the results of treatment.

suck my farts transphobes.

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Like I was saying to someone else others have talked about this much earlier then me. See attached article and the things it references:

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hot take: we should have sex-positive pride AND also sex-sensitive pride

hear me out

✅ twice as many prides

✅ consenting adults get a place where they can be as radically sexually queer and free, completely separate from...

✅ people having a place to celebrate all of queerness in a content-safe and trauma-free environment

basically the same toot as before. earlier i'd couched it in the context of "kid safety" which is admittedly reductive and somewhat infantalizing, so here it is again

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Some awesome things about my native language, Tagalog, on #NonBinaryDay:
- No gendered pronouns ("siya" is for everyone)
- No distinction between gender for a lot of relationships ("kapatid" means sibling)
- No grammatically gendered nouns or articles ("ang")
- The common form of many nouns is neutral. ("doktor" isn't always a male doctor, it's just anyone who's a doctor)
- It's entirely possible (even common) to tell a story and not mention anyone's gender.

Gender is a construct. 🇵🇭

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Charles Hamilton started wearing his brother's clothes and presenting as male at the age of 14. He was the apprentice of a quack doctor, before setting off to work on his own. Charles was by all accounts very successful. Financially independent, travelled around England selling his snake oil, accounts describe him as "very gay", "bold", and "impudent". He was by all accounts boisterous and sociable. His wife outed him in 1746, and his case was widely reported.

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Spouse just said they were "sleepy for me", which apparently means "wants to lie down and fall asleep in my lap".

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Evidently I need to clarify, no I am not saying "landlords are good, actually" 🙄

I'm saying we're all stuck in this capitalist hellscape whether we like it or not so, if we can, we should at least try to choose who we do and don't support. You know, like in literally every other context.

Also, the real arbiters of inequality are banks. Everything else is just trickle-down discrimination.

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i was right now years old when i realised the phrase "par for the course" is a golf reference

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A top aide to US President Nixon said the White House "had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people... We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but" the war on drugs could criminalize those communities

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super cool how the movement for the rights of black people has been co-opted by companies being like “okay this family guy character no one gives a FUCK about won’t be voiced by a white guy anymore” so we can have 300+ comment threads about how cancel culture has gone mad instead of talking about how we don’t want to be killed, that’s fun

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INCREDIBLY hot take regarding "discourse" 

the reason discourse on here gets So Bad™️ is genuinely because of outside agitators

people who have no business getting their noses involved in """the discourse of the day""" end up snooping around, subposting, asking people for the "hot dish", they end up making uninformed posts that are unrelated to the original kernel of the discussion, and then other people start making their own uninformed takes based on the prior uninformed takes

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Bot post, be aware 

I think that we are designing our software's architecture to make the old legacy versions of everything while every else has moved on.

Covid, attitudes, venting 

- I step on a bus wearing a mask (noone else on the bus has one, incl the driver)
- Driver announces via speakers that anyone in a high-risk group should walk up and sit at the front next to them (that space is normally off limits to protect the driver)

Like, I'm literally the person on this bus you should be the least worried about! The mask isn't what makes people dangerous :tiredcat:

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This is in Detroit, on top of the base of where a Columbus statue once stood.

Bozhoo, family. Bozhoo.

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