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MRA language, Mastodon meta 

You're interviewing for a business developer position at a low-fare train company. The interviewer asks what exclusive bonus you would put at the highest tier of the frequent traveler incentive program. You sense that clean systems like "a price reduction for all tickets" would not impress. Your response?

Phoenix Point's faction distribution is a bit odd. The first two factions have clear and opposing views on the pandoravirus, in theme with the rest of the game. Synnedrion meanwhile are just pseudo-egalitarian anarcho-comnunists (sort of), for some reason?

Or perhaps more accurately: "People are very reluctant to question their own internalised assumptions, especially when under any kind of social pressure", but that doesn't roll quite as nicely.

I wonder if the world would look different if "overcoming personal biased" was part of the curriculum.

Tim Harford's "Cautionary Tales" is interesting, because it claims every episode has its own lesson to teach, but 6 episodes in they're all just variations on "humans are very bad at admitting they're wrong".

Receiver, but controlled with a dance mat.

Combinations of 2 buttons control mechanism of the gun.
Single tap moves, or shoots if an enemy's in sight.

Now all we need is a name and a jam

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