Wow wow wow! Facebook, then Twitter, then alarmist twits... the whole internet going down?

While politicians continue to demand backdoors for the 'good guys', we would like to remind everyone of two very important facts:

✅ 1. Encryption can't be outlawed

✅ 2. Backdoors for the good guys only are impossible

Our stance on the ongoing crypto wars:

LOL the verification email sent by Mastodn was sent to the spam box by yahoo mail!

Solus? Pending task. I had heard about it but I had never tried it. Was going to try Gentoo, but didn't have the time for it either. On the other hand I finally took the time to reinstall Manjaro in my older PC, but just updating it after installing it took more than an hour because it had to download 1.5Gb of updates and internet speed is slow here, the PC is old and slow as well, and I haven't even started installing all the things I used to have.
And I haven't even touched my laptop yet.

Lots of Hank Followers are brainwashed socialists or what?
Judging by the replies, most of Hank's followers seem to be brainwashed socialists who can't even grasp the concept of net worth and why billionaires don't have all that money in cash. They seem to believe all the FUD against Tesla and Elon, all the lies by mass media and so on.

Still a long way to go. H2 promoting is still trying to convince people. Oil and Gas must be behind it.

What did Steve Jobs offer to Linus Torvalds? A Job (LOL I'm lauging so hard with this pun, and it was not intended when I was replying to someone)
😂 😂 😂

OK, Musk is #1 richest person in the world (Congrats btw)
Tesla is already in S&P500 and SpaceX just launched another rocket, we live in unbelievable times!

Model 3 owner @slcuervo is wondering about FSD. What if there would be problems when the cameras don't work (he has had the problem where his autopilot wouldn't work because the weather was cold and that caused heavy condensation within the cameras compartiments). A blind autopilot couldn't drive, so what would Tesla do to fix the problem? Tesla should at least know the problem exists in other countries outside USA.

Justice is completely corrupted here, completely at the service of the political party in power:
Evo and Alvaro have been forgiven for the ellections fraud in 2019!

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