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Probando de nuevo #LMMS.
A ver si soy capaz de hacer una musiquita para #LibreHomeGym.
Por ahora, todo suena horroroso...
😂😂 😂 😂

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@coolboymew @badboy69 I like IRC a lot because of that. While a few channels are kinda strict about the discursion(mostly bigger ones or xdcc ones) most of the time they talk about everything that pops there

I had very good interactions with people on #anime and #linux on irc

Can anyone help me learn how to add people to the lists? I cant seem to find the user to add it to my list.

I can't seem to be able to follow accounts on remote server. Any help?

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L: $10,623.55 | H: $10,935.90
1h: -0.30% 😕
24h: 1.91% 😄
7d: -0.69% 😕
Cap: 1st | $200.6B
Vol: $18.4B

Compound and Maker making bank on this retraction of the BTC price…

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