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Today Security Now begins its 14th year as a podcast (July 18, 2005 - ) and we celebrate two years in TWiT's "new" Eastside Studio.

And we have an 18-year-old comp sci student in studio who was 4 when Security Now started!

So in this case the cake is definitely not a lie.

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@leolaporte Thanks for mentioning during . Really enjoying the influx of people and developing communities here.

It has 2007/2008 Twitter vibes.

(Already a better experience than Google+, IMHO.)

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What is the #doniquette for boosting your own posts from other instances? Right now, I'm thinking I'll post to the most-relevant instance for the content, then boost it to other _relevant_ instances. The idea is help populate the local timeline on instances that match the content. That's "ok," right?

Can someone please tell those folks (including Dave Winer) to forget , and come see what's happening on federated Mastodon?

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