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A new update for Mast has already been submitted just two days after launch, with a massive change log full of new features and fixes to some old ones. Who needs rest anyways?

It'll hopefully be available over the weekend.

All parts of this app have now been approved through the App Store review team! But could take hours to propagate through so will attempt to launch Mast 2.0 either tonight or tomorrow.

Both the iOS and macOS versions of Mast have been approved by the App Store and are pending my manual release. Literally just waiting for the IAP to be approved now. Just got to wait I guess.

So Mast got approved for the App Store, and is pending my manual release. BUT the corresponding IAP are still waiting for review. So releasing now would mean the purchases would fail. Tricky situation. Seems like a waiting game now.

Just pushed out another Mast beta (I promise this is the final one now before being uploaded to the App Store), which fixes various pressing issues. Sorry!

Spotted some pressing issues with the previous Mast beta, so pushed out a new one to resolve those. This is the final one, and has been submitted to the App Store too.

Woo, the iOS and macOS versions of Mast have now been submitted to the App Store for review. Now we wait.

(Some of you on my timelines and in my notifications may make an appearance in these App Store screenshots)

I've been working on this new Mast update on and off for months (but been pushing out a new update daily for the past few weeks), and super excited to get this out there!

Btw, the latest Mast beta is 99% going to be the one uploaded to the App Store as a v2.0. (Unless some major bug exists).

@Gargron Hey, would it be possible to encourage instance admins to update their instances when new versions of Mastodon are made available? As some instances are still a few versions back where things like conversations APIs etc don't work, and thus render may third-party apps scrambling to figure out a better way of handling these things.

Need to figure out how to resolve this now without really compromising quality for all images.

Okay, so I've fixed the crash with the load more buttons for the next beta now, and also figured out why images weren't uploading for some users, apparently Mastodon doesn't support anything bigger than 4kx5k pixels.

The latest Mast beta update aims to solve some recent issues, but I'm still confused about two: Images not uploading, and the 'load more' button crashing. These have been happening for some users but I haven't been able to replicate it. Leads me to believe it may be instance-specific? Would love some more clarity on these.

Pushed out the final beta update for Mast before it goes on the App Store for its big 2.0 launch. Let me know whether there are any pressing concerns in there, or whether you enjoy using the app and would like it included as a testimonial.

Probably going to push out one more Mast beta update before submitting the big 2.0 update to the App Store for launch sometime next week!

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