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Also, I’m aware this was heavily requested and a pain point for many, so swiping through images will be in the next Mast beta. Worked hard on this. 😅

Didn’t get round to pushing a Mast beta update today, sorry! Got caught up in refining the app and didn’t know where to stop. I’ll push something out tomorrow. My only real ‘need-to-have’ for launch is accessibility enhancements. All the feature requests will come very soon after launch as incremental updates. If there are any serious bugs or crashes in the app, do let me know!

The latest beta update for @TheMastApp is now here, and it's better than ever. With position sync and the abilty to load gaps in timelines, you'll never miss a post. And with other great enhancements, Mast is at the forefront of what a Mastodon app should be.

Also, the next beta update of Mast will have media upload progress percentages.

The next Mast beta update will add ‘load more’ buttons in timelines to fill in missing gaps.

Whilst my development of Mast 2.0 starts wrapping up, I'd like to work towards adding localization support too. If you're happy to help with this in your language of choice, please give this a look and fill out what you can:

If you'd prefer me to email you the text to localize, let me know.

Thank you! 🤗

‪The latest Mast beta update adds username auto completion, amongst other things. 👾‬

‪It’s now getting closer to launch, planning for a mid December release. ‬


Working on the companion Apple Watch app for my Mast app update now (it’ll be in the next beta), and then all I’ve really got left for launch is accessibility enhancements and localisations; which I’ll be putting together a list of things that needs translating and would love some help on from anyone who’s free to do so!

The latest beta update to my new Mastodon app is here and full of great additions. It now has timeline position syncing so it retains your position in the app with the web version! ✨

The latest beta update of my upcoming Mastodon app is now live, and it's better than ever. It contains biometric locks, Siri shortcuts, content warning overlays, iMessage stickers, and so much more. 🐘

‪A huge new beta app update to my Mastodon app is now available. It adds everything from Share and Today Extensions, to the ability to edit profiles and view notifications metrics. 🤩‬

‪A new beta of my new mastodon client app is now available to test. It includes changes to discovering instances, amongst other things. ❄️‬

‪A new beta of my Mastodon app is now available to test, and it's packed full of features. Due to some reshuffling, this beta has a new TestFlight build so you'll need to sign up again (ignore the app name).‬


‪Let me know what you think! 🥳⚡️‬

Woo! My notes app Allegory is featured on the Today tab of the App Store today. 🥳

So I ended up buying the new 16" MacBook Pro. It'll be a much needed upgrade going from my 4GB Ram 128GB storage Air to a 32GB RAM 1TB storage Pro. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I've uploaded a new Mast build, but due to all the reshuffling I've done to allow it to work as an update to the original Mast app, the update has gone into beta review with Apple and will be a separate TestFlight sign up when it's approved. It'll also end up replacing the original Mast on your device if you have it installed. Probably going to take half a day for it to get approved.

So I’ve decided that Mast 2 won’t be a separate app download, but rather a 2.0 update to the original Mast listing on the App Store.

‪It’s already time for a new beta to my upcoming mastodon app, and this update’s HUGE. From toot composer enhancements to emoticons, filters to scheduled toots, accessibility enhancements to drafts, and much more. It’s the ONLY mastodon app worth using.‬


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