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Mast’s newest update (1.4.5) is now here and I think you’re going to like it. 🥳

The next Mast update will add the option to display your current account profile pic instead of the top-left list icon, and use custom instance-defined toot character limits if it’s supported by the instance (mainly Pleroma ones). 🎉

The new Mast update (1.4.4) is now here and available to download via the App Store, with an emergency fix for the bad crash bug plaguing a few users.

I got approached by Apple for a request for assets for my app Chessmate ( for a feature. They're now approved, so keep your eyes peeled for that over the coming days on the App Store! 🙌

You’ll soon be able to schedule toots in Mast. 😏

A dedicated direct messages section is coming soon to Mast. 📬

Recently, the more features and fixes I’ve been doing to Mast, the more 1-Star reviews I’ve been getting from people thinking that if they do that they can somehow blackmail me into adding a little change they wanted too. It’s horrible and seriously impacts a lot.

The option to have always-present toot actions on toots will be available in the next Mast update. 🔥

The latest Mast update may have only been out for a few hours, but I waste no time. Content for the next update is already underway.

Mast 1.4.1 is now available and it brings with it a highly requested feature: Load More cells. Along with other niceties like an activity graph and iPad improvements. 🎉⚡️

Load more... 😏 (coming in the next Mast update)

The next update of Mast is coming soon, and it includes an activity graph, along with various bug fixes for the iPad. 🥳

In my spirit of being transparent, I've only sold about 1.5k copies of Mast up to now.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get word about Mast out there? Know any prominent editors?

Delayed the launch of Mast 1.4 to add even more! URL schemes will be in the next update.

Almost every app review, I get metadata rejected because the review team can't figure out how to sign in to the Mastodon account. It's frustrating because it's always a hit or miss.

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