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I am definitely struggling with maintaining all my apps regularly as a solo dev where app development isn't my main gig, and more of a side hustle. But doing the best with what I can.

My new to-do list app TenFive will be releasing onto the App Store very soon, but if you’d like to try it out before getting your hands on it, you can get the complete app through TestFlight.

It’s beautifully minimalistic, and entirely customisable. It’s also got a Watch app, quick actions to save to-dos from other apps, a Today Extension, 3D Touch, iMessage stickers, and more! ✏️⚡️📌

My app's already in review! What?! I just submitted this like 20 minutes ago. I would really love a look inside the Apple review team and their process. That's something which has always been shrouded in mystery. I can't comprehend how a team can review such a large volume of things in such a short amount of time, unless they outsource it.

The thing about this app though is that it might not look the greatest on App Store screenshots. I’ll have to play around with it over the next few days. (It’s now also been submitted for a very quick period of TestFlight beta testing, which I’ll post the link to once it’s approved).

And also an Apple Watch app that lets you see all your to-dos and create new ones! It's now a complete product, and I can't wait to release this.

Added an App Extension to share content to the app too.

Out of interest, what would you feel is a reasonable App Store price for this app? (Bear in mind that Share and Today Extensions, along with a Watch app are coming soon. And 3D Touch Quick Actions and Siri Shortcuts are present too).

Going to attempt to add a Share Extension, a Today Extension, iMessage Stickers, and a Watch App to this app still.

I did say I was going to slow down with app development for a while, but wanted to get this one new app almost finished today. Here’s what you can do (along with addition by tapping, or pulling, text styling, and deletion). You can now drag and drop to reorder, assign reminders for local push notifications for to-do items, toggle night mode, change the app icon, and change the theme from a massive selection.

Would love to know your thoughts! TenFive is coming very soon. 🤞

Okay my health issues are getting worse and it's affecting my ability to do things. I'm going to take things slower than usual with my app development for a while. Sorry!

Aiming to get this mostly wrapped up and ready for a brief beta testing period by the end of the week.

A date and time picker that fits the app’s visuals quite nicely. 🤔

You can now style your lists quickly and easily, using nothing more than the text you’re already typing. Check this out. 🔥

The aim for this app is definitely simplicity and achieving 'note-taking' in as few steps as possible. I love the app 'Things 3' but that's got far too many features and steps tied in to the simple act of reminding yourself about something. I really do want this to be so easy to pick up and use.

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