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There are times when I’m just lying in bed and want to add something I need to remember for the morning. I often don’t have the energy to think about navigating through an app, and my eyes are often hardly open enough. And so, my app will let you add new notes in three different ways - Pull to add, tap the plus icon to add, or just tap anywhere in the table to add. In hindsight, I realise this is very similar to Clear, so I’m open to suggestions on ways to differentiate this or make it better.

This is the app icon for the new notes/to-do app that I’m working on. The icon is a tick which also represent clock hands, signifying getting things done on time. Might call the app ‘TenFive Notes’, which is what time it is on the icon and it also suggests halving the time it takes to do something.

It will have day.night themes, as well as a variety of cell themes, and more.

So I’m working on making a new iOS Notes/to-do app that’s inspired by Clear and its gesture-driven app. Started work on it last night, and it’s primarily to fill my own needs as a very minimal and simple app to jot down to-do items and navigate without any fuss or complications.

I have far more apps that I've removed from sale than are currently available for sale. I'm often not content with my own work, and I think that's synonymous across most creatives.

My public GitHub has almost no activity on it whatsoever (just my open-sourced apps on it). It's quite annoying that all my great work and consistent contributions to IBM/Apple has been on an internal private GitHub account for work and similar.

Designed a nice new minimal landing page for my most prominent apps -

My chart-topping App Store featured podcast player 'Cosmicast' is also now open sourced! 🎉❄️

Happy to take on contributions and pull requests for bug fixes and new features, and more than happy to showcase how it was made so you can learn to make your own too. :)

So I got requested to have one of my apps featured on Michael Flarup's upcoming app icon design physical book! Can't wait to see the end product. 🙌

Weep at my horrible code, and the mess that it is.

Quick question about Pixelfed, is there only one instance? (pixel

A new update of Mast just got approved for the App Store (it's a small one). I can't believe that even after this many versions in, I still get metadata rejected for stupid things like "We can't seem to find how to use Siri Shortcuts in your app, please explain how"...???

So my little brother started programming for the first time about two weeks ago (he’s 16) and he’s already published a few things onto the App Store! 😱

I’d really appreciate if you guys could check it out and support him. It’d definitely boost his motivation.

Settings will now be accessible via a more convenient location in the next update.

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