@filippodb This isn't something that's supported by Mastodon itself (at least there's no API to fetch this information), that's why it's not there. I wanted to add trending hashtags to the explore page.

@liaizon Could you try a reinstall of the latest beta please?

@marco I've fixed the pull to refresh now, and will get to the others in due course!

@scg Yes the new Mast is an update to the current one, which is continued to be supported.

@jwkicklighter Yep, still am. It's going to be a huge upgrade!

‪A new beta of my new mastodon client app is now available to test. It includes changes to discovering instances, amongst other things. ❄️‬


@lars Is toot.berlin a Mastodon instance? Probably worth contacting the instance admin to see what’s up.

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