@tootapp @chartier Apologies for intruding, but I feel the same way. I keep entering the app switcher or exiting the app with the swipe. Maybe raise the tap region slightly higher?

Redesigned one of my previous apps and it looks better than ever. Gratify helps you be mindful and manage your wellbeing in ways that work for you. If you're suffering from anxiety or depression, Gratify will aim to help. ❄️

Get it here: itunes.apple.com/us/app/gratif

@feld @roguelazer I think that may be because WhatsApp treats images as URLs.

@roguelazer Thanks for the heads up, it should work from the Photos app. I've personally never tried from the screenshot view.

@minimlr Haha if anything, I guess you could use it as a kitchen timer!

The first iOS app I ever made was a number sliding game inspired by Threes. Now, three years later, I've finally got round to updating it and changing its entire appearance/icon/name (and adding multiple quick game modes) to be more aligned with my current set of apps and updated for new device sizes (including iPad). 🔥

Check it out!

@paeneultima Thanks for letting me know, will look into it!

@roguelazer Could you walk me through your flow please? As it always works for me.

@tewha Thanks for letting me know about these. I'll add them to my list and attempt to get them fixed soon.

@chartier @joesteel Thanks, not too sure about this from a design view though as I tucked actions away behind the slide action to declutter the cells in the timelines.

Patiently awaiting the Pixelfed API... got a few ideas for how I want the app to look, but can't really do anything till it's available to use.

Submitted a few updates to the App Store for some of my old apps (redesigns and logo changes mainly), and updated my website too. 🎉

It all looks a little bit nicer and more consistent now. thebluebird.app

@rusmov I can’t wait to experience this one day. You, and fathers around the world, do a great job!

Chessmate is now available on the App Store. ♞🎉

With a beautiful interface, multiple game modes, and a witty AI, it's a no-brainer.


@mcg Thanks for letting me know, and notifications are currently being redesigned and worked on to make them more reliable.

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