@somnius Putting links in the update text wouldn't allow it to be tappable unfortunately, so the user would still have to type it out themselves, but a great suggestion nonetheless. QA would certainly be helpful, and I think finding out exact steps on how to recreate bugs (and the way the user has got the app configured etc) would be nice to have. Dev contributions would be a massive help but I'd ideally like to retain guiding the shape of the app and anything that's front-end.

Some more insight: Mast is primarily a side project manned and created by myself, with time spent on it after my day-job (almost the same amount of hours spent on this as on my primary job). I'm 23, and I don't have any formal iOS development training or experience (apart from the apps I've made myself).

It's often hard balancing life, but I find that working on Mast is a great outlet for my creativity and a way for me to learn more as I go along too.

Time for some insight: Mast has 5.7k users, half of them are from USA and Canada, 4.3k of them use it on their iPhones, and half of the 5.7k downloaded the app yesterday when I made it free for a day.

I'd love to find out how to grow the user base more, and how to improve ratings too. Fixes for the major issues are constantly being worked on, and new features are always being added too. Weekly updates with lengthy change-logs unfortunately don't translate to happy customers.

The next update of Mast will let you quickly scroll through all media that a user has ever posted. Good for those selfies. Good for quickly finding something you think they tooted a long time back. Good for discoverability. Good for maintaining a gallery. Mast keeps on improving.

@LoMakesComics Thank you for the kind words. Would love a review on the App Store if you have time :)

Also, my PayPal is: paypal.me/ShihabMe, thanks!

Asking for help with Mast app Show more

@tekniklr Thank you for the informative find! I'll attempt to get this resolved for the next update.

@solitarywalker Also, is the 'display boosts in profiles' setting enabled via the settings section of the app for you?

@solitarywalker Is this still the case after a force close and restart?

@bgcarlisle Personally can't think of a way to implement that in a way that's still minimal and not too cluttered on the timelines. Will add bit if I do! Thanks again!

@atomicbird Thank you for showing me that. The iPad app will be recreated in a future update to provide a much better experience that's not just a copy of the iPhone app.

@bgcarlisle Hey, I'll revert them back to how they were in the next update. Thanks for letting me know.

@girl Haha, I'll work on improving this to not accept dismissed toots as toots that have been left discarded.

@sc Great suggestion, will get this added in a future update.

@atomicbird It should do. I wonder if registrations are blocked for some reason.

@mcg Might remove the CW overlay in the next update (revert back to how it was). I'll investigate regarding the other issues.

@kev Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it.

@Groosha Thanks for letting me know! An iPad redesign will be worked on in a future update.

@solitarywalker Hey, one of the profile tabs shows just your toots (excluding boosts and replies), whilst the other shows it all.

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