@charlag Thanks for the heads up! What's the best way around this?

@jjs I can see it fine on my end via the app on the instance that I'm using. So it does seem like an instance-specific issue.

@jjs You can add instance timelines via the 'Explore' tab, and delete them by long-holding or dee-pressing them in the list there.

@ButterflyOfFire Thank you for the PR! It's now been merged, apologies for the delay.

@codeforchaos Thank you, and there isn't yet but I'm sure it'll be set up eventually. :)

@solitarywalker Thank you for giving it a go, and for the feedback! It is less configurable and much smoother, and these kind of went hand-in-hand, reducing issues where possible. I shall take the considerations onboard and work towards them!

@uther That's incredibly kind of you, thank you! The support means a lot. That's a great suggestion and is planned for the future. :)

@uncledave This is really odd, and thank you for letting me know. A reinstall certainly won't hurt. I shall investigate further.

@ButterflyOfFire It works on the OS level in iOS so you can set it from within the iOS Settings app. Hope this helps!

@ButterflyOfFire Thank you! Mast already supports multiple languages including French though. :)

@Drew That's very kind of you to say, thank you!

@tbn97 Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

@kopischke Thank you for the kind words! And that's noted, will make sure to do that in the next update.

The latest Mast update brings full width images, along with a variety of bug fixes. (And it’s now entirely free to use every feature) 💜


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