@jeff Glad to hear it. And that's a great suggestion, thanks. I'll add that in a future update.

@mcg @Ibn The 'load more' discussion is an interesting one. The next update will have options to decide yourself which way you want it to load and whether you want it to retain scroll position or not when loading more.

@Ibn That's unfortunate to hear. I'll see what's up with it and try fix it soon.

@roguelazer This is something on my roadmap, will have to dedicate some time to perfecting this in a future update.

@roguelazer Yes and no, it happened to be four images' worth, and in turn it ended up showing off the new feature!

@mattro Thanks! And to remove those, I think you can go to Settings > Siri & Search > My Shortcuts, and then swipe left on those to delete. I may be wrong though.

@VyrCossont Oh that’s a great heads up, thanks for letting me know about this. Might be to do with it actually being needed to be killed off for it to work.

@girl Reinstalling would definitely help with resolving this as accounts are handled differently since a previous update, which was causing inconsistencies.

@lukas That's very kind of you to say, and even kinder of you to do. Thank you! :)

@mcg Thanks, fixed it for the next update. And the push server's down briefly for some maintenance. Will be back up soon-ish.

@mcg Thanks for letting me know. What’d you mean by ‘the post view’?

@Surfbum Thanks for the heads up, I’ll investigate.

@Admin It certainly should do! (It'll require resetting the app via the iOS Settings app's Mast section or reinstalling the app though due to how scopes work).

@bvdbasch That’s understandable. The next update is packed full of fixes too that aims to resolve some of these issues. I tend to add a few features alongside many fixes every update.

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