@vautee Thank you for the heads up, will investigate!

@aurynn Hey, nope! I’ve got 3/4 big projects and other things going on at the moment with life so taking a very small break and spending a month or so on each area in a cycle. Could you elaborate on the log in issue please?

@ij Glad to see you found that! But yes I do need to make it more obvious.

@chartier Hey yes there is, you can long-hold or deep-press on pictures that have been added to a toot whilst composing to add some alt text.

Making a conscious effort to try see positives and be kinder in every moment this year. Here's to a better life that starts internally.

@fortescue @dom Seems like it, but I'm probably going to try ignore it for now.

@kopischke That's very kind of you, thank you! I've got a lot planned and hoping it's a joy to use as it goes on. And that's great advice which I'll take onboard and consider and see how things turn out.

@haruki_zaemon This is really kind of you to say, thank you. I'm going to bear this in mind.

@jajaperson Thanks for letting me know. Could you try a fresh reinstall please?

@ij Thank you for letting me know. You can bring up drafts from within the toot composer screen, but there seems to be a bug where it doesn't retain who you were replying to.

@aurynn thank you for thinking so, but I’m kind of in two minds about it at the moment. On one hand, I must’ve done something very wrong to have the feedback and responses that I have. But on the other, the support has also been amazing. The negatives always seem to be louder though.

@sasha_sorokin @dansup Thank you for the kind words and for being understanding. I appreciate that. It was a bit frustrating how it unfolded and to come back to see my notifications filled with that after the holiday period, but I rectified it by immediately pushing an update which removed the screenshot, and the App Store now reflects that. Thank you for the suggestion too!

@balouqlc Not at all, it was a recent issue to do with some art that was displayed in my App Store screenshots which someone got very angry about and their followers left me a lot of unhappy messages for me to come back to.

@uncledave thank you for the kind words of support and encouragement! It’s a mix of daily negative reviews and a recent issue where one of my App Store screenshots showed someone’s profile that they didn’t like, and their followers sent a lot of messages my way. But I got that rectified now.

@tchambers that’s incredibly kind of you to say, thank you!

@cks thank you for the continued support and kind words. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it so far. Apologies about those instances where I haven’t opted into the feature requests!

@lakhesis thank you for the kind words of support. I too was in the same boat where I wasn’t on for a while and came back to all that so it was a sudden shock and not a welcome on. But I took the steps to rectify it and hopefully nothing more comes of it.

@wigglytuffitout Thank you for all of this. I’ve read it all and took it all onboard. The screenshots have also been removed and the App Store reflects that. I was misinformed at the time but I took the steps to rectify that.

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