The next Mast update will have a cool history view. ⏱

Multiple images in a toot? See them all at a glance with the next Mast update, coming soon. 🤩

Just a reminder that Mast is still on sale for a limited time only. Get it now before it's too late. 🙀

A new version of Mast is now available to download, and it’s got some great new exciting features to try out. 📬🎉

It’s also on sale at a third off its original price for a limited time only! 🤩

The next update of Mast will have toot filters, so you can tune out toots you don’t really want to see. ⚡️

Set your own hex value for the app’s theme in the next Mast update. :macos:

A new version of Mast is now available and it’s better than ever! Scheduling got way better and there’s much more. 🥳🎉

Here's some App Store insight. That first spike was due to my app Chessmate being featured on the top of the Games tab on the App Store. Yet, this almost tripled once it was included as a feature on the Today tab in the "5 new games we love" tile. Just shows that the Today tab is visited by far more than anything else on the App Store. It rose to number 1 in various charts just through that. Oh, and it always quickly tails off after a feature.

Also got a potential feature assets request from the App Store for Mast. So look out for this on the App Store over the next few days/weeks.

A new update of Mast is now available (1.4.8) 🚀

I also can't stress enough how important good App Store reviews are for me, they help in many ways - one of them being directing potential users to the app and network. If you have a moment to spare and a few kind words to say, please consider leaving a positive review. Thank you.

Bot accounts will be indicated in the next update of Mast. 🤖

Mast’s newest update (1.4.5) is now here and I think you’re going to like it. 🥳

The next Mast update will add the option to display your current account profile pic instead of the top-left list icon, and use custom instance-defined toot character limits if it’s supported by the instance (mainly Pleroma ones). 🎉

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