My upcoming notes app Allegory keeps getting better. Here’s the latest beta if you’d like to help test it out and shape it in time for its launch alongside iOS 13. 🚀

If you’re a fan of notes app (beautiful ones especially), I’ve been working on a new one for iOS 13 over the last two weeks. It’s definitely getting there. If you’d like to give it a try, here’s the link:

It has custom as well as valid markdown, Watch app with Complications, 3D Touch, VisionKit, iMessage Stickers, and so much more. Let me know what you think! 💜

This is a fraction of what I've been receiving the past few days/weeks through the App Store and email. It sucks, and it's impacting sales massively (to the point where it makes me question whether continued support is even worth it), but just got to hold it out.

If you’d like to help me test out my new iOS 13 notes app called Allegory (launching in September). Here’s a TestFlight link to sign up with:

A few days ago, I started work on a cool new notes app (first two images), here’s further progress: made a Watch app in under a day (last two images).

Got some more to do with the iPhone app, and then moving on to an iPad app that’s not just a scaled up version.

Working on something new with one goal in mind - win an Apple Design Award somehow. 🤞

Working on a new little passion project.

(It’s a notes app)

This is mind-blowing, my app 'Makers' won in the ProductHunt Makers Festival competition. 🎉

Congrats to the winners from other categories too. ✌️

Why are there so many people 'for' hate speech?...

Spot what’s new. 😏

(Hint: It’s not been fully implemented on Mastodon itself yet... so will wait till it’s rolled out there first)

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