My new semi-skeuomorphic podcast player app Cosmicast for iOS/watchOS/macOS/tvOS (as one unified purchase) is now out and available on the App Store. 🥳

Get it over at ->

If you're a fan of retro turntables and vinyls, you'll love this (it has a spinning turntable and other cool animations).

The latest Mast update brings full width images, along with a variety of bug fixes. (And it’s now entirely free to use every feature) 💜

So I’ve got upwards (and downwards depending on position) timeline gap loading working for Mast now! It won’t be in the next update just yet though, as I still want to spend a few days making this a bit better.

The trends view in Mast is great for discovering what people are talking about. It looks pretty good too if I may say so myself.

Working on adding trending tags historic metric data for a future Mast update.

A new Mast update is now available on the App Store. It brings three great new things, amongst many others:

- Notifications position syncing and gap filling
- Trends and tags to explore
- Profile directories to find and discover new users

Also, I’m aware this was heavily requested and a pain point for many, so swiping through images will be in the next Mast beta. Worked hard on this. 😅

The latest beta update for @TheMastApp is now here, and it's better than ever. With position sync and the abilty to load gaps in timelines, you'll never miss a post. And with other great enhancements, Mast is at the forefront of what a Mastodon app should be.

Also, the next beta update of Mast will have media upload progress percentages.

The next Mast beta update will add ‘load more’ buttons in timelines to fill in missing gaps.

‪The latest Mast beta update adds username auto completion, amongst other things. 👾‬

‪It’s now getting closer to launch, planning for a mid December release. ‬


Working on the companion Apple Watch app for my Mast app update now (it’ll be in the next beta), and then all I’ve really got left for launch is accessibility enhancements and localisations; which I’ll be putting together a list of things that needs translating and would love some help on from anyone who’s free to do so!

The latest beta update to my new Mastodon app is here and full of great additions. It now has timeline position syncing so it retains your position in the app with the web version! ✨

The latest beta update of my upcoming Mastodon app is now live, and it's better than ever. It contains biometric locks, Siri shortcuts, content warning overlays, iMessage stickers, and so much more. 🐘

‪A huge new beta app update to my Mastodon app is now available. It adds everything from Share and Today Extensions, to the ability to edit profiles and view notifications metrics. 🤩‬

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