Lol the daily abuse Mast gets is getting to me. I'll still be pushing out constant updates to improve it where I can, but some people on this network aren't making it the joy that it once was.

@JPEG if this is about the art you took for your app's promotional pics, surely this could have been avoided by sending a quick message?

it's amazing that you're creating software for people to use and enjoy mastodon but that was a slip-up on your part. the abuse was in using images for purposes they weren't intended for. don't get me wrong, it's not easy, but this happens to artists way too much and responsibility has to be taken

@dom I wholeheartedly agree and see that it was a slip up on my part, but it was a genuine mistake as I just went through the app and took screenshots fo things that looked nice and clean, and didn’t consider further implications. But now I’m made aware of it so I’m better informed. I just wish it was conveyed across to me in a better way.

@JPEG @dom did you take those screenshots down after you were made aware?

@fortescue @dom Pretty much submitted an update immediately to remove them, and the App Store reflects that as of today.

@JPEG @dom right, so it sounds to me like having made a pretty easy mistake, you’ve corrected it as quickly as possible...and people are still giving you shit about this??


@fortescue @dom Seems like it, but I'm probably going to try ignore it for now.

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