Lol the daily abuse Mast gets is getting to me. I'll still be pushing out constant updates to improve it where I can, but some people on this network aren't making it the joy that it once was.

@JPEG you’re valid, and I’m sorry you’re getting so much shit.

You’re awesome and I’m happy to be a supporter of Mast. Let me know what I can do to help.


@aurynn thank you for the kind words, I guess the negative feedback and the recent backlash for the choices I’ve taken with Mast have been deserved, but I didn’t imagine it’d be daily. And there was a thing where someone didn’t want themselves in one of my App Store screenshots so they rallied their supporters. Which I’ve immediately taken the screenshot down from the App Store. But it was weird coming to Mastodon after the holidays to see that’s what I missed.

@aurynn thank you for thinking so, but I’m kind of in two minds about it at the moment. On one hand, I must’ve done something very wrong to have the feedback and responses that I have. But on the other, the support has also been amazing. The negatives always seem to be louder though.

@JPEG internet culture is all about amplification of hate machines, nowadays. You didn’t do anything very wrong, people just ... do this by default nowadays. It’s gross and horrible.

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