My next big things to focus on for Mast are accessibility enhancements, streaming support, and filters.

@JPEG hey, Mast is not showing anything anymore on my feed, restarting it doesn’t help. When I try to refresh it just gets stuck on it.

@thomasfuchs Is this the latest version? I suspect this is to do with marker position where it got stuck at a point that may not exist anymore. Could you try visit it from the web version and refresh to the top, and then force quit the app and try again please?

@JPEG and yes, I’m always on the latest version from the app store

@thomasfuchs Glad to hear that worked. I shall try resolve this over the Christmas period.

@JPEG will a reply button ever be on mast without having to open the toot? And a reply count? I like minimalism but I also like to have useful information be visible when it’s needed. Seeing a reply count saves so much time

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