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> Registered there with Twitter
> Deleted my Twitter acc after
> Cannot sign in back
That's why you have non-OAuth signups, kids.

@sasha_sorokin Same thing happened to me, which is why my username there has a 1 appended at the end.

@JPEG I must say that your app is really good now but not having the boost, reply, “heart” button just below any toot is quite irritating. I don’t understand why you need to reinvent the wheel and change the social basics, I believe it’s really confusing for newcomers and it’ll end up reducing interactions, comments on mastodon.

@filippodb Thank you for the kind words and the feedback. I personally find on-timeline action buttons to be like treading a minefield where so many accidental interactions can occur. But point taken and may consider adding it as an option still.

@JPEG I love the mast app, keep doing your work... I love the heart instead of the star, also please fix this little error: since I have updated the mast app the post on the Home feed are not visible anymore, in the local feed it’s all ok, also when I try to refresh the home feed the app crashes, fix this please.

@francescoo Thank you, and yes a fix for this has been submitted and should be available by tomorrow.

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