The Mastodon Twitter account is really unprofessional, and seems like a major reason as to why most of the users there aren't taking this platform seriously.

I'd also argue that another big reason I've seen users hesitant to transfer over or even try this out is due to the overwhelming whimsy scattered through everywhere. We really don't need to reinforce the word 'toot' everywhere.

Also, the decentralised benefits keep being talked about but no normal user really cares about that. Mention editing posts!

@JPEG Have to say I disagree here .. I actually find the account is doing a fair job at representing Mastodon's quirky culture in general. Do I agree with all of what it does and says? No. But that's also not its purpose.

And the word 'toot' is literally at the heart of this network, I don't see how you cannot _not_ emphasize it.

PS: You cannot edit toots, you can only delete and redraft them (which you can also do on Twitter, just not in "one-go")

@moritzheiber That's fair. I just find that for what is essentially a company account, it comes across a lot like an individual posting. It also tends to start fights a lot, which is messy.

Kind of onboard with toot, but when constantly seeing people dismiss the entire network due to how it sounds, that's slightly concerning.

And yep, the illusion of editing is still quite compelling.

@JPEG I think you could react reasonably and well tempered to all of the tweets directed at the main Mastodon account and it wouldn't make a difference. Or you can make a show of it (which is one of the main distinctions between Twitter and Mastodon). I much prefer the latter if it lends some gravity to Mastodon's presence on Twitter.

@JPEG As for the dismissal of the word 'toot': One has to wonder, if that was the main concern people have with Mastodon and what it stands for I'm not sure whether they are really the target audience. Not everyone on Twitter needs/wants/deserves to be on Mastodon .. ?


@moritzheiber The target audience for a social media platform should ideally be 'everyone' though? The instances exist for particular niches, but the network itself should be the next step after Twitter.

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