The Mastodon Twitter account is really unprofessional, and seems like a major reason as to why most of the users there aren't taking this platform seriously.

I'd also argue that another big reason I've seen users hesitant to transfer over or even try this out is due to the overwhelming whimsy scattered through everywhere. We really don't need to reinforce the word 'toot' everywhere.

Also, the decentralised benefits keep being talked about but no normal user really cares about that. Mention editing posts!


@codechemist Would be nice if they had a consistent brand voice that was more professional.

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@JPEG absolutely agree, they cross this funny ‘brand’/personal account line a little too much. I believe that if it was established like Telegram/Discord or even Twitter account, it would attract more people. God darn, throwing ‘stones’ at others is no good practice:
>> Chronological feeds or bust imo
>Discovery is nice too
>> - no data mining
> data.. what?
>> - open source code
> these techies..
In reality you have *nothing* in this *fight*, but the nice community — stick with it, improve it.

@sasha_sorokin You've hit the nail on the head. It's almost like they're trying to replicate some of the edgy brand accounts they've seen elsewhere, but are falling short and coming across aggressive more than anything else. The whole stance seems to be geared upon picking a fight with the values they don't believe in.

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