The Mastodon Twitter account is really unprofessional, and seems like a major reason as to why most of the users there aren't taking this platform seriously.

I'd also argue that another big reason I've seen users hesitant to transfer over or even try this out is due to the overwhelming whimsy scattered through everywhere. We really don't need to reinforce the word 'toot' everywhere.

Also, the decentralised benefits keep being talked about but no normal user really cares about that. Mention editing posts!

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@JPEG technically you aren't editing posts though, you're deleting it and writing a new one, but you get the text copied in.

@JPEG Have to say I disagree here .. I actually find the account is doing a fair job at representing Mastodon's quirky culture in general. Do I agree with all of what it does and says? No. But that's also not its purpose.

And the word 'toot' is literally at the heart of this network, I don't see how you cannot _not_ emphasize it.

PS: You cannot edit toots, you can only delete and redraft them (which you can also do on Twitter, just not in "one-go")

@moritzheiber That's fair. I just find that for what is essentially a company account, it comes across a lot like an individual posting. It also tends to start fights a lot, which is messy.

Kind of onboard with toot, but when constantly seeing people dismiss the entire network due to how it sounds, that's slightly concerning.

And yep, the illusion of editing is still quite compelling.

@JPEG I think you could react reasonably and well tempered to all of the tweets directed at the main Mastodon account and it wouldn't make a difference. Or you can make a show of it (which is one of the main distinctions between Twitter and Mastodon). I much prefer the latter if it lends some gravity to Mastodon's presence on Twitter.

@JPEG As for the dismissal of the word 'toot': One has to wonder, if that was the main concern people have with Mastodon and what it stands for I'm not sure whether they are really the target audience. Not everyone on Twitter needs/wants/deserves to be on Mastodon .. ?

I would argue that looking beyond just simple denominators and into what truly makes Mastodon different is part of everyone's transition away from corporate, centralized social media. Some are ready for this journey, others are not, and some never will be

@moritzheiber Corporate and professional can be two separate things. Yes Mastodon is transitioning away from corporate and the centralised business ownership aspect of it, but that doesn't entail being rude/aggressive/different for the sake of being different/stirring noise/etc. Communities should be welcoming, and a place people want to be a part of.

@JPEG You are now equating a single account on Twitter with all of the community behind Mastodon. That's apples and oranges my friend.

@moritzheiber I am just talking about the account on Twitter, because that's all the entirety of Twitter can see as their intro (without having already signed up and made their own judgments of the community).

@JPEG Oh common, that's just not true. There are literally hundreds of articles about Mastodon out there, there's, there are articles and websites about the Fediverse at large. To say the Twitter account is the single source of truth and entrypoint for everyone is just not factually viable.

@moritzheiber It's not the only point of entry, yes. But you've got to understand from a layman's point of view that these articles are so far and few that it just doesn't register as anything to most users. Most of the people I've talked to in my day to day life, online on other platforms, and anywhere for that matter, don't even know what Mastodon is. Even searching for Mastodon on Google doesn't bring it up as the initial entry (there's a band and a prehistoric animal with more precedence).

@JPEG I sincerely doubt that a more "professional" Twitter appearance would change anything about that .. irregardless, it might actually drive people away since the initial appeal wears off quickly and ironically an extrinsically motivated transition may never turn into intrinsic behavior

How would you be appropriately transparent about Mastodon's differences and its appeal otherwise? I fail to see how chugging along with all the other curated accounts on Twitter could ever accomplish that

@JPEG And I also don't advocate for alienating people openly, yet, that's also not what the account is doing consistently. Calling it rude/aggressive is reaching a little I believe.

@moritzheiber It might not make all the difference, but I do feel as though it'll go a long way towards that for most users. Users are needed for intrinsic growth, and unfortunately my timelines here slow-moving as it's still a very young network. For that, external growth has to exist. The Tumblr shutdown and caste-issues in India sparked two of the biggest transitions to Mastodon. So it does come from outside. I also feel like small educational interactions like this help:

@JPEG that’s what the account is doing though, persistently so even. It’s responding to questions, pointing to documentation, explaining differences, and yes, it’s also shitposting.. which, again, to me is a fairly accurate representation of what you can expect when joining the network, wouldn’t you agree?

@moritzheiber The target audience for a social media platform should ideally be 'everyone' though? The instances exist for particular niches, but the network itself should be the next step after Twitter.

@moritzheiber I see that, yet making noise for the sake of making noise achieves nothing. It scares people away and isn't welcoming by any means. If Mastodon wants users, which it desperately needs, it needs to behave more like a platform that stands on its own rather than one that's just better in comparison to another (which the account constantly bashes Jack and Twitter itself for).

@JPEG No, I disagree again here, I don't think Twitter should be a place to "advertise" for Mastodon and its values .. maybe that's the main differentiator

@moritzheiber Agreed, which is what the Twitter Mastodon accounts seems to be doing. It needs to exist as its own entity.

@codechemist Would be nice if they had a consistent brand voice that was more professional.

@JPEG absolutely agree, they cross this funny ‘brand’/personal account line a little too much. I believe that if it was established like Telegram/Discord or even Twitter account, it would attract more people. God darn, throwing ‘stones’ at others is no good practice:
>> Chronological feeds or bust imo
>Discovery is nice too
>> - no data mining
> data.. what?
>> - open source code
> these techies..
In reality you have *nothing* in this *fight*, but the nice community — stick with it, improve it.

@sasha_sorokin You've hit the nail on the head. It's almost like they're trying to replicate some of the edgy brand accounts they've seen elsewhere, but are falling short and coming across aggressive more than anything else. The whole stance seems to be geared upon picking a fight with the values they don't believe in.

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