Every day, Mast gets slightly better. It's definitely a lot of work, but it's on the path towards becoming the go-to iOS Mastodon app. If there are any missing things that you believe will help it get there, please let me know!

@JPEG I’m confused. Is it always supposed to open How can I log in to another instance?

@talon What do you mean? Is this the instance you signed up with? You can head to the settings section to add a new account.

@JPEG whenever I tap on one of the tabs it brings me to that instance. I have no idea why. I didn’t even know it existed. If I tap on the profile tab for example it just opens that login page.

@talon Could you show me a video please? And could you try a fresh reinstall to see if that resolves it.

@JPEG oh... I think I know what’s happening. Is there some overlay that voiceover doesn’t see?

@talon Ah thank you! Yes so when selecting the instance (note that the first page is an instance selection screen where there's a text box followed by a table of predefined instances) - it's redirecting to a webpage where you can enter instance login details. But, the VoiceOver prompt in the video seems to go to the done button without entering that and back to the page.

@JPEG yeah all I see on that first screen is an empty list and the navigation tabs. I can record a more thorough video if required

@JPEG Is there a way to change the notification sound? I get the push notifications, however, can never hear them. :/

@synfinner I'll add this to my list of things to look into, thanks!

@JPEG you’re welcome! The new release is quite beautiful. Keep up the good work!

@JPEG I’d like for all settings to be unique between accounts. Notification settings are the most essential to be account specific, but I’d also like the tint color to be account specific so I can tell accounts apart. “Toot!” on iOS does this.

On the same vein I’d like for timeline filters to be account specific too, as I have a media account and a text account.

@sfcgeorge Thank you, noted! I'll take these onboard and work towards it for future updates.

@JPEG Since you asked, I would love to be able to read and write image captions / ALT text. Otherwise, I’ve really been enjoying the latest version. Keep up the good work!

@darkmirror If you long-hold or deep-press an image after it's been uploaded when composing a toot, it'll present the option to add captions! Thank you.

@JPEG Ooops. Missed that. I’ll try it soon. Thanks.

@JPEG I continue to hope for a single-column view on iPads. The narrow multi-column view is the one thing that keeps me from using Mast there and switching to another app.

@cks I personally don't see any benefit to having a single column, as it's far too much of a waste fo space on such a big screen. But I'll keep options open.

@JPEG Well! I tryed the new version of mast. However, I can't even sign in to my instance. Seems, that this once again an issue with #Voiceover. #accessibility

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