A new Mast update is now available on the App Store. It brings three great new things, amongst many others:

- Notifications position syncing and gap filling
- Trends and tags to explore
- Profile directories to find and discover new users

@intherain Yes one of the biggest gripes with the previous version was the confetti. So removed it to make the app far more professional.

@JPEG wha..?! who are these killjoys?!

I loved showing that off to people who didn't know what mastodon was, like, look, people have made these fun apps for it and one does confetti! (Also, I liked the confetti) Could there be a confetti on/off switch?

@intherain I’m glad to hear that you liked it! I may add it back in a future update as a settings toggle!

@JPEG I can't find "trending tags to the Explore tab" .
I'm trying it in every way, but can't find it, using this account on I can see the trends on desktop browser

@filippodb Could you show me a screenshot of the Explore tab please, and what version of the app you're on?

@JPEG I found other bugs! Character counter always show 500 an I can’t upload images!!

@filippodb Hey, Mastodon doesn't allow third-party apps to change the default character counter, although some Pleroma instances do allow it. Thanks for the other images.

@JPEG @filippodb mastodon allows new instances to have any amount of characters. there are mastodon instances with it set at 10k limit. its per instance

@liaizon Maybe the instances are allowed to set this, but I can't seem to find a way to do this via the API.

@JPEG @filippodb the counter doesn’t change even if you go over 500 right now. latest version

@filippodb Seems the TestFlight version doesn’t have the character bug

can we get credit for buying v2 for a v3 lifetime subscription?

@JPEG will you be allowing the load button to load new posts above instead of below? Still find it really frustrating losing my place and having to scroll back down every time.

@danvpeterson I definitely plan to add that in a future update.

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