@JPEG Seems like the update hasn’t hit my App Store yet

@JPEG should we keep testing betas from TestFlight or install from App Store?

@thomasfuchs App Store version please. I shall be disabling TestFlight tomorrow, at least until next year for v3.0.

@JPEG 🤘 just subscribed to Pro. I’m having occasional crashes when replying, just after the keyboard pops open.

@thomasfuchs Thank you, that’s very kind! I’ve resolved that for a future update that’ll hopefully come soon.

@JPEG well deserved, great work!

PS: The media timeline in profile view still only displays preview images instead of actual “moving” gifs .. check my profile and scroll to the women spewing her coffee all over the place. Still image in the media timeline, moving gif on the toot

@moritzheiber Ah thank you for clarifying this! I shall get this resolved soon in an update.

@JPEG also, single-image toots appear to be missing the image description when viewed on their own (ie clicking on the image doesn’t reveal the description). Example: mastodon.social/@moritzheiber/

@moritzheiber Is that when you long-hold/deep-press on the image when in timelines?

@JPEG no, that is showing the description, albeit at an unusual place. I mean when simple tapping on the image from the timeline. My expectation might be skewed by the way Toot! does it, but I was just surprised to not see the image description when I tapped on the image

@moritzheiber Ah that was by design, but I definitely understand and see your point of view too. I may add it as an option in the future where you can choose whether it shows the image caption or the toot detail text.

@JPEG I would also argue it sort of defeats the purpose of captions.. could somebody with a screen reader “read” the image without it showing up next to the image?

@JPEG just updated Mast to 2.0 and don’t load any timeline. 😳

@spla Could you try a fresh reinstall please? If no change, this could most likely be an issue with the instance.

@JPEG yes! after fresh reinstall it works. Thank you.

@Admin I shall do tomorrow, I’ll give it some time.

@JPEG Congrats! I can't use the app anymore though… Every screen is blank.

@Admin @JPEG Clearing cache didn't do it! I'll try that, thanks.

@Admin @JPEG It did work, but I lost my settings! Guess I'll have a look at the new features :) Thanks!

@kornifex @JPEG I’m glad it at least is usable now for you 😊 ✌🏼❤️

@JPEG Using Mastodon in a watch should be an interesting experience. I do not plan to buy any smart watch (or any Apple product), but you have made me courious. Could you share some pictures about it?

@JPEG Any chance Mast 2.0 gets iOS 12 support? Sadly iPhone 6 didn’t get iOS 13 update. Thank you, great work anyway.

@kevinronceray Thank you, and unfortunately it relies heavily on iOS 13 features so can't promise anything.

@JPEG What a great work ! I searched for a beautiful Mastodon app for iOS since a long time and I think yours is the (almost) perfect one !

@JPEG might be a stupid question, but how do I log out?

@Admin @JPEG yeah, nice idea. Alternatively, jailbreak your device, find the file where it keeps the session info and delete it 😂

@grishka @JPEG even better! 🤣 do they have a jailbreak for iOS 13 yet?

@Admin @JPEG yeah there's a universal one that relies on an unpatchable bootloader vulnerability in old-ish SoCs. Should work on my iPhone 7 in theory, haven't tested in practice. After all, I'm an Android developer who once had to write & debug some cross-platform code and I got an iPhone just for that, so I don't use it very often.

@grishka No current way at the moment, although you can remove accounts by heading to settings, accounts, and long-holding/deep-pressing the account. You can switch accounts by long-holding the last tab bar item too. Also, out of curiosity, why would you want to log out?

@JPEG I tried deep-pressing, that vibrates and does nothing – I guess it only works if you have premium to use multiple accounts.

I wanted to log out to not receive notifications. Then I realized iOS apps ask for permission to send them, and yours never did. Then I found out notifications are a paid feature. So curiosity is the only reason that's left.

@grishka Yes multiple accounts support and push notifications are premium features in Mast.

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