Spotted some pressing issues with the previous Mast beta, so pushed out a new one to resolve those. This is the final one, and has been submitted to the App Store too.

@JPEG hi, mast keeps crashing while I try to rely to this toot

@thomasfuchs This is odd. I tried some test replies and working fine for me. Could you try force quit and head back in and see if the problem persists please?

@JPEG yes, persists. I’ve sent the crash report through TestFlight, with a description of “Crash when starting to type on replying to you”

@JPEG one more bug, when replying to a thread (and replying doesn’t crash), when I scroll up to the top of the thread after I entered something, the X button to dismiss doesn’t do anything (I assume it should scroll down so you can see the sheet with the “dismiss” button)

@thomasfuchs This is helpful, thanks! It’s something I’ve never tried to do so definitely an edge case. I’ll work on resolving it. And replying works for you for the most part? Does it just crash on that one toot?

@JPEG crashing happens when I start typing just after reply dialog has loaded. If I wait 5 seconds or so, it doesn’t crash. I’ve seen it crash trying to reply on multiple toots from multiple people.

@JPEG lmk if there’s anything you want me to test or try :)

@thomasfuchs Ah that helps narrow it down somewhat, but still can’t seem to replicate it on my end. Any chance you could send a video and show me what’s happening exactly please?

@JPEG of course the second I start making screen recordings it all works fine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@JPEG anyway, it seemed to me like sometimes the keyboard opens earlier than other times, and when it opens early the crashes happen

@thomasfuchs This actually helps narrow it down a lot, thanks! I think I’ve resolved it for a future update now.

@JPEG also, when the “there’s more new toots” indicator is shown above the relative time of a toot, it looks like a graphical glitch

@JPEG I can’t reply to toots from my home timeline. The view controller presents and then it crashes. I’ve sent two crash reports through the built-in reporter. This was on 1.0.43. I recorded a video. What’s the best way to send it to you?

@tatey Could you send it through here please, thank you!

@JPEG is this the new Mast that you’ve just submitted?

@tonyarnold Yes it is, and it’ll come as an update to the original.

@JPEG just bought the macOS version, and there are some spectacular Catalyst bugs, but it is 👍🏻 Nice work!

@tonyarnold Thank you for the purchase! Would love to know what these bugs are.

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