Need to figure out how to resolve this now without really compromising quality for all images.

@JPEG there also this. The images are flickering on load and after dismissing them

@moritzheiber Hey that's quite intentional, as the images expand from that smaller image and give the impression that it's that same one that's gone, and then goes back to it to fill the space. I feel as though you have motion disabled? If you enable it, you'll be able to see this more clearly.

@JPEG I turned the setting on and off, it didn’t make a difference. But now I cannot reproduce it anymore..? 🤷‍♂️

I’ll let you know should I encounter it again

@JPEG spoke too soon, now it’s back. So there’s definitely something fishy going on here..

@moritzheiber Ah super odd, does a force quit of the app resolve it?

@JPEG It does! I’ll try to get a reliable way to reproduce it

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