Okay, so I've fixed the crash with the load more buttons for the next beta now, and also figured out why images weren't uploading for some users, apparently Mastodon doesn't support anything bigger than 4kx5k pixels.

@JPEG Have you checked faving toots? Not working for me. Also there’s no indication in timeline of when a toot is a reply to oneself (part of thread), nor someone’s instance — very important, the instance is part of the username, or else you can end up confusing two users or having someone impersonate another user.

@sophistoche Thanks for the heads up. Faving toots seems to be working fine, but sometimes it's not reflected across the app so it's left ambiguous. Will add the rest to an update after launch!

@sophistoche Also, from a UX perspective, placing the smaller icon of the person boosting a toot aligned to the bottom of the author’s icon, but their display name above the name of the author, is very confusing. They should remain aligned or it’s not clear which is which.

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