Pushed out the final beta update for Mast before it goes on the App Store for its big 2.0 launch. Let me know whether there are any pressing concerns in there, or whether you enjoy using the app and would like it included as a testimonial.

@JPEG The Mast beta always crashes when tapping on „Notifications“ 😞

@HeadBarista Is this when tapping the tab or the actual notification on your home screen? And does a fresh reinstall help?

@JPEG When tapping the tab. Haven’t tried a fresh install. Will try that later.

@HeadBarista To help determine what may be crashing this, is your notifications usually filled or empty? And what type of notifications are at the top (mentions, boosts, likes, etc)?

@JPEG Great...after receiving the notifications for the messages you just send me the tab works. 🤨

@HeadBarista That’s definitely odd, but glad to hear it’s working again!

@JPEG The last notification before yours arrived was a poll result btw. Maybe that helps. Thanks for the great app.

@HeadBarista Ah that may have been something to do with it. Thank you!

@JPEG It's a very good app. 👍😊
The only and for me unfortunately most relevant missing feature is the possibility to decide in which direction the toots load.

@nottulner Thanks! I shall look into adding that in an update after launch.

@thomasfuchs This is super odd to me. Are these for all images? Are they images taken with the camera or screenshots? Does waiting longer allow posting?

@JPEG happens for any image. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

@thomasfuchs Is there any sort of pattern? Could it be images on iCloud vs those on device? Also, is this on WiFi?

@JPEG Happens for newly taken photos and for old photos, happens on WiFi and LTE. Screenshots, camera photos and saved pictures from the web. There’s no pattern. :(

@thomasfuchs Oh :( I’ll continue to look into this and hopefully come across a fix soon, but in the short term can’t promise anything.

@JPEG Ditto for me. Adding pix Always fails, I mainly post local camera images. Also app crashes on startup if you click on bottom left buttons before toot view is loaded.

@dch Thanks for letting me know. The latest beta now fixes your second issue. Really unsure why the first is happening, could you show a screen recording of the upload process please?

@JPEG Any idea about the iOS Mast settings not showing a language chooser dialogue?

@vautee It appears for me. I think this can be resolved by heading over to the Settings app, Generla, Language and Region, and setting at least two languages in the preferred languages section.

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