Also, I’m aware this was heavily requested and a pain point for many, so swiping through images will be in the next Mast beta. Worked hard on this. 😅

@JPEG posting toot with CW still don't work for me

@tixie I’ll give this a look and see what’s up.

@JPEG I think the image previews under the toots still need some kind of indicator that there are more than just two of them, but other than that I'm really excited!

@moritzheiber This is a great suggestion but still unsure how to make that look good and not too out there. Will have a think.

@JPEG I like how Twitter and Tweetboot do it, but I think you already said that's not the direction you want to go into .. ?

@moritzheiber Yep, going to keep it horizontally scrollable, but may add a small indicator of the count of images.

@JPEG btw the in app notifications still cannot be turned off. The toggle works, but the setting isn’t obeyed, and the next time the settings are opened it’s switched back on

@JPEG one last thing: when revealing a cw’ed too the media attachments have no previews. You have to explicitly click on the media attachments to see what’s behind them

@JPEG BUT! For some reasons all of these toots now Display with a content warning, while they actually don’t have one?!

@moritzheiber Thanks! I’ve fixed the CW issue where it appears on every reply for the next beta now, and will look into the images being hidden under CW overlays.

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