The latest beta update to my new Mastodon app is here and full of great additions. It now has timeline position syncing so it retains your position in the app with the web version! ✨

@JPEG Hey. Metrics page is empty for me. I also one crash on it in the latest beta.

@thomasfuchs Are you using an iPhone or an iPad? And could you try force quit and head back in, wait five seconds, and then go to the metrics page and see if it works please?

@JPEG See? Mast can’t include thomasfuchs on my reply

@JPEG so excited for this! Going to try it out right now 😃

@JPEG are there going to be swipe quick actions in Mast 2 for like/boost/reply or are you leaving that to the contextual menu or toot detail view only?

@danvpeterson I'm leaving it to context menus and detail view only as it tends to clash with scrolling on the iPad.

@JPEG hmmm, will give it some time to see how I adjust then. Definitely missing them right now. What about username autocomplete or username search from the compose window?

@danvpeterson That’s certainly planned for the future, but unsure when it’ll be included as of yet.

@JPEG @danvpeterson I think I'm good with that. I've probably boosted or starred more things by mistake when scrolling than I ever have on purpose. :)

@JPEG what do you mean by web version? is there a web version of mast?!

@JPEG the browser mastodon front end supports timeline scroll position sync?

@liaizon It should do, but unsure yet whether all instances do.

@JPEG composed a toot with « French » quotations and the nbsp; are visible, but only from a remote status. see:

@JPEG sorry I wasn’t clear, it’s not that the ‘&’ was missing, but that the ‘ ’ was VISIBLE instead of a non breaking space character

@django My bad, sorry! This'll be resolved for the next beta.

@JPEG I find it really frustrating not being able to reply to all users mentioned on a toot.
I can reply automatically only to the toot writer and I need to add manually all users mentioned on it.
I don’t know if it’s been done deliberately or I miss something.
But that’s the reason I keep using tootie as my main mastodon app even if it lacks a lot of features

@filippodb Hey, you can reply to all involved users, as replying will include all @ involved. Are you on the latest beta (1.0.25) through here:

@JPEG I updated today from TestFlight to see if something has changed but it keep reply to only one user.

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