The latest beta update of my upcoming Mastodon app is now live, and it's better than ever. It contains biometric locks, Siri shortcuts, content warning overlays, iMessage stickers, and so much more. 🐘

@JPEG what are your plans for VoiceOver before launch? Items are still not actionable in timelines, like individual links, users or hashtags.
Images, even those with descriptions, aren‘t at all accessible yet.
Content warnings don‘t work for VoiceOver users yet, the toot contents is always read. The CW is in an extra button in the swipe order after the toot.

@marco I plan to make it as useful as I can, but admittedly I haven’t done much in that yet or given it a look either. I’ll try enabling VoiceOver and try test things in the coming weeks to make sure it works as expected.

@JPEG yes, that‘s the way to do it. I‘d also be available for a voice or video chat to explain some things. But the replies I have sent you so far already contain problem areas and their possible solutions.

@marco I’d appreciate that, thank you. I’ll give it a shot in the next few days and let you know how it goes and ask for help if I’m completely lost.

@JPEG is your preferred method of feedback via the app/TestFlight or mastodon?

@lotus42 Either works for me, but I prefer here through Mastodon.

@JPEG Have had a few issues that I've reported via TF. I'll maybe write them or record them in more detail when I get home today just in case the feedback reports are lacking, just wanted to avoid duplication and mentioning stuff you're already aware of lol

@lotus42 Hey, I've gone through TF reports briefly and addressed what I can for now, and added the rest to my list of things to get to. If there are any big issues, I'd love to hear them.

@JPEG Sorry, totally forgot to send another reply. I'll update the app first and see if any issues remain

@JPEG some issues are fixed (such as some app icons causing crash when chosen)

remaining issues:
- typing when composing long toots eventually causes all the text to constantly jump up and down with each letter typed, very hard on eyes
- if i launch app and switch to notifications tab before feed loads, notifications never load even when refreshed

maybe more a request than an issue(?):
- compose box for editing bio is too small and doesn't show much (if any) of existing bio

@lotus42 This is perfect, thanks! I'll add it to my list and work towards it.

@JPEG Addendum: for the notifications issue, when i do try to refresh when it's blank, sometimes it will crash the app back to springboard/home screen

@JPEG deleting a toot, doesn’t remove it from the main timeline or user timeline (maybe a cache issue, as checking with another client confirms it WAS deleted)

@django Hey yes I'll work towards resolving this where it actually removes it from the list of toots rather than just in Mastodon.

@JPEG I reached you through the bird site, but I'll ask here two: will people who purchased the original version be able to migrate to the new app for free?

@merino Hey, must have missed that sorry. Yes it'll come as an update to the original, and at no extra cost. Although some 'pro' features such as customisation will be a paid IAP.

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