‪A new beta update for my upcoming Mastodon app is now available to test, and it’s better than ever. 🍃‬

@tixie Will look into this. I tested it without media and it was fine, didn't get round to testing with media sorry.

@JPEG do you check the feedback received through the TestFlight app?

@benjamincobb Sometimes I do if I remember to, but I wish it emailed me.

@JPEG oh ok. Because that's where I've been sending my feedback so far

@benjamincobb Ah okay, I'll give it a look this week and address them.

@JPEG great work! One question, is that a know issue: I’ve liked and boosted your message but the detail view does not reflect it, liked it would be cached and not refreshed.

@patryk Hey thanks, yes that’s known. I’ll work on improving that.

@JPEG Had an odd case just happen. Was replying to this toot: I was 1 character short from limit. When I sent it.. seems to have vanished into thin air.

I also noticed seems to not show CW so wonder if including CW I was actually over limit and the mastodon instance bounced the message?

@geekgonecrazy Thanks for letting me know about this, I''l investigate.

@JPEG after searching something, clicking on a link doesn’t open a browser (what I would expect). Btw. should we report issues here or do you have some sort of a bug tracker? I don’t want to spam you with known and duplicated issues :)

@patryk Thanks for letting me know about this. This was designed this way, but may reconsider it going forward. Reporting here works perfectly for me.

@JPEG I have a workaround for myself: click on toot, go to details and there the links are working :) that’s good enough for me :)

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