‪A new beta of my Mastodon app is now available to test, and it's packed full of features. Due to some reshuffling, this beta has a new TestFlight build so you'll need to sign up again (ignore the app name).‬


‪Let me know what you think! 🥳⚡️‬

@Gargron Hoping for this to be the new iOS default app.

@JPEG looks great, but I prefer the new toot button floating on the bottom of the screen

@ntnolmo @JPEG same here. It appears to only work on

@JPEG I found it, but it’s nooot easy to figure it out

@JPEG btw i would enjoy to just swipe instead of reaching all the way up to the timeline buttons 😇

@JPEG am having a problem with pull to refresh. The 3 finger flick down when VoiceOver is on doesn‘t work, only makes the error bump sound. Used to work in a previous build.

Also, I am hoping for custom actions soon. VoiceOver keeps tapping on random things that happen to be in the center of a toot, but opening toots or tapping on individual tapable items definitely is needed, and in a reliable form. Custom actions and a default activationPoint are what is needed here.

@marco I've fixed the pull to refresh now, and will get to the others in due course!

@JPEG Finally something to replace Amaroq with!

And I can vote in polls now 👏👏

@JPEG looks very good, but I don't see any toots.

@JPEG deleting from home screen and reinstalling should be enough, right?

@lars Is a Mastodon instance? Probably worth contacting the instance admin to see what’s up.

@JPEG yes, it’s run by @jan – I’ve had Mast 1 working with it, but it stopped some time this year.

@JPEG coming along nicely. Notes: the Mastodon instance name isn't shown in a lot of places; some links are not tappable like the one in the toot announcing this update.

@JPEG Love it so far. Great feature set.

Only thing I’m missing right now is swiping through multiple pictures left to right

@JPEG is it open source? Also are you using Swift UI?

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