So I’ve decided that Mast 2 won’t be a separate app download, but rather a 2.0 update to the original Mast listing on the App Store.

@JPEG btw, once you can attach images when composing I’m ready to move to Mast 2 as primary Mastodon app

@thomasfuchs This is definitely something I plan on working on very soon! Most likely the next thing I’ll be doing after pushing out today’s update in a few hours.

@thomasfuchs Oh wow, this was INCREDIBLY kind of you, thank you so much! It's really appreciated.

@django Even better than news of a new MacBook Pro? Haha.

@JPEG hands down!
Your announcement is way more accessible!

@JPEG \0/ I’m using M2 all the time now it’s already fantastic well done and stability is at a the old mast for breakfast! Landscape view for composing toots only gives a very narrow compose box.

Would be nice if the emoji compose mode can be made sticky to allow :blobcoffee::exit::crt_w_green_lines::flan_reaper::runbsdBg: emoji fun

@dch That's really great to hear, thank you! I've been attempting to get it to a state far ahead of the original, so that's great to know it's there. Will try find a workaround for landscape composing. Not sure what you mean by the emoji thing?

@JPEG such a tough call, there are pros and cons to either. We’ve wrestled with that a lot in the past.

@JPEG great, now I hope you’ll reconsider the subscription as well. 😨

@ssl I kind of need to maintain notifications server costs and other things, and make up for my time developing too. So a subscription to some extent makes sense for me.

@JPEG I was just about to buy Mast Legacy then stopped seeing that you had written a new version is being worked on. Didn't want to pay for something that gets shelved. Does this mean that won't happen?

@scg Yes the new Mast is an update to the current one, which is continued to be supported.

@JPEG Great. Bought it and replying from that.

@JPEG one bug I’m noticing - A compose toot window randomly keeps opening up when I’m not tucking anywhere close to that button

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