‪It’s already time for a new beta to my upcoming mastodon app, and this update’s HUGE. From toot composer enhancements to emoticons, filters to scheduled toots, accessibility enhancements to drafts, and much more. It’s the ONLY mastodon app worth using.‬


@JPEG The app is looking really well! Besides a couple of crashes it’s pretty amazing. I have one question though: do you have any plans to make the feed header and selector configurable to be in one line? In an iPhone 8 it takes a little to much space for my taste. Not a big deal tough

@srxavi Thanks! I'd love to know when the app crashed for you (what you were doing prior to it crashing) if possible please so I can resolve that. I don't have any plans for that yet as I'm aiming to make it look as iOS-esque as possible.

@JPEG The first time it crashed was when clicking on an image that I think it gave a 404. I could not reproduce it again though. The other crash, which is more consistent is when I click on a twitter username like @srxavi@twitter.com

@srxavi Thanks for letting me know! I'll look into resolving those issues.

@JPEG You’re welcome. If I find more issues would you like me to report them somewhere?

@srxavi Yes please, preferably through here or through the email provided in TestFlight.

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@JPEG Just found another thing: some of the emojis in the usernames do not load, they appear as :something: I think that the ones that fail are the ones configured in the instance, but I’m not 100% sure that only those ones are affected

@srxavi Ah yes I haven't added emoticons to timelines and toots yet, will do in a future beta!

@JPEG Overall the app is extremely fluid and responsive. Great job!!! If I can ask, what tech are you using to build it? No worries if you don’t want to share it, just asking out of curiosity

@srxavi No worries at all, happy to answer. I use Xcode to create it, UIKit is the foundation I use, and written in Swift.

@JPEG Thanks!! I’m asking because, although I’m mostly a backend/web frontend engineer I’m starting to do some hobby stuff on mobile.

@srxavi Nice! It's worth checking out for sure, there's a whole lot of users who only see the front end so a lot of possibilities.

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