@JPEG Still cannot see newest toots in "profile" tab. There is no pull to refresh and the latest toots are from 2 weeks ago

@JPEG just to clarify: toots counter is more or less actual (I have 919 toots after this and the previous messages and Mast2 shows 917) and I see all recently posted media files. Just toots themselves are outdated.

@JPEG and more! When I open the app, it briefly shows some of my recent toots, but after a second it replaces them with old ones hiding the newest toots completely. WTF...

@Groosha Noted! I’ll work on resolving this for the next beta. It’s odd that it’s showing the new ones briefly, so it is fetching them and working as expected, but seems to be replaced by cached content.

@JPEG It looks great, but for some reason the keyboard noise is super loud. Is there a setting somewhere?

@jamie Thanks! This is odd, what do you mean by it? I haven’t set any noise to it so it’s odd.

@JPEG It’s really wierd. The keyboard in Mast is making louder noises than other apps- like the volume is on full - but I took a video to demonstrate and in the video the audio is the same on each app (??!!).

@jamie This is super odd, I'll investigate further, thanks!

@jwkicklighter Unfortunately no TestFlight for Mac, but will let you know when it launches!

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