A new beta build of the new Mast app is now available to test. You can hop on the TestFlight beta at:

@JPEG cool! Anything in particular we should be testing?

@fireglow Nothing in particular. Just what you can find in terms of bugs, thanks!

For some reason it doesn’t load anything on my iPad Pro (submitted a report), works fine on my iPhone tho! Looking really good, I like the new photo picker, works fast with a lot of albums and photos and even shows the “hidden” album correctly

@thomasfuchs Thanks for letting me know! Force quitting and heading back in will work for now, but will resolve this for a future beta update. I'm glad you're liking it so far.

It’s looking good but the inability to follow URLs keeps me from using it very much. They’re just text, not links.

@JPEG when the full version is available will we have to buy it again?

@nx This will be free, with an IAP for customisation features.

@JPEG free for everyone? Do current paid users get the IAP features?

@nx No way for me to set that on the App Store. It'll be free for everyone, and customisation will be an IAP for everyone.

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