Continuing work on my new Mastodon app for iOS, and now bringing it to macOS!

It's basically like Tweetdeck for Twitter, but for Mastodon. 😛

@JPEG tweetdeck for mastodon is just the web UI, isn't it?

what does this do?

@ben Tweetdeck is an app too. But I meant it in the sense that it's multi-column and desktop.

@JPEG I mean what's the difference between it and the web UI? Does it support multiple accounts? Just better performance/less resource usage because it's not running in a browser?

@ben Yep much much better performance, silky smooth and no lag. Multiple accounts are planned.

@ben @JPEG honestly, something not running in a browser is USP enough for me nowadays. fuck web apps.

@JPEG Little question! Do we need to re-buy the new app?

@Captain It'll most likely be free (and with in-app purchases for pro features like customisation).

@JPEG cool, I'm interested to hear about your experiences with it.

I enjoy having Android apps on Chrome OS and Windows Mobile apps on Windows 10.

I don't think people realize how nice it can be.

@JPEG Mast 2 is open source like Mast legacy ?

@JPEG How's it handle intermittent connectivity? Making things as reliable as IMAP should be a given.

@BalooUriza I haven’t tested this, but will try make it as good as it can be.

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