‪Have you ever wanted to see a contextual backtrace of the conversation you’re replying to in a social networking app? Well, my latest Mastodon app lets you do just that. 👾‬

‪You can get the beta over at

@JPEG That's actually really helpful! Can't wait for it to be a little more usable.

Also, idea for a new name: Mstdn?

@moritzheiber I like that name! Might not be the most friendly for non-english speakers who aren't aware of missing vowels though.

@JPEG Another one could be "Snout", but that looses the "M"

@JPEG about that new app: Please please tell me there is not going to be a subscription.

@ssl It'll be free for all general usage, and a subscription for 'pro' features and customisation. So still free for all general users and usage. Need the subscription model to make it worthwhile to continue development.

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