‪My new Mastodon app now lets you go above and beyond on an iPad. With multiple scrollable columns, it’s got a boost in productivity (think of it as Tweetdeck for Twitter). 🍭‬

‪You can join the beta over at

@JPEG when it will be available the version 2.0??? It’s very very very coooool!!!

@JPEG oh ok...don’t worry, this version is fantastic! Take your time...

@JPEG liking it so far, no frills, just good design and reliability is what we need.

@JPEG Will it be possible to also get a single-column layout on an iPad, for maximum space for just reading toots (especially in vertical orientation)? That's a feature that I personally find valuable and wish Mast (Legacy) had today.

@cks I thought about this but most likely not as it ends up taking up too much space and most toots are far too short to warrant that, and things just look really empty.

@JPEG On Twitter in eg Tweetbot I find that it works quite well in vertical orientation, especially once people start posting media. (Horizontal is indeed too much room.)

On the Fediverse it might work even better; at least in the circles that I follow here, people write longer messages than they can on Twitter, so they'd be less small, comparatively. (cf this reply.)

@JPEG pretty cool. Looking forward to it. I also joined your beta. Very nice app!

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