@JPEG My home timeline didn't load after authenticating/authorizing .. I had to restart the app and pull down to refresh, then it popped up

@moritzheiber Thanks for letting me know. I’ll look into that.

@JPEG on first sign in my personal timeline, mentions and DM were not loaded, I had to force close the app and reopen

@jpeg surprisingly smooth so far! I’ll dig more into it later today! ☺️

@JPEG Will Mast 2 be also iPadOS optimized? Beta looks promising on iPhone.

@JPEG Looking and feeling pretty amazing so far :D

@JPEG when replying to a boosted toot I mention the person boosting and not the author - that one is super annoying tbh since it forces me back to v1 which I enjoy way less

@fallenhitokiri Apologies about that! The composer and toot replies aspect of the app still need to be worked on.

@JPEG no reason to apologise - it’s a beta I installed through TestFlight. The fact that it does something is more than I can say for some apps I distributed internally :)

@JPEG installed!

Are you at the point where you want feature requests (like "please make Web links usable") or do you consider M2 alpha still?

@uncledave It’s still very early stages but I would definitely appreciate feature requests as it’s easier taking those into account from now rather than when the app’s changed too much in one direction.

@JPEG: Wow, that was quick! Felt like this rewrite just started yesterday...

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