Laying down the basics and outlines for initial work on Mast 2. ✨

@JPEG But when will there be an update that will make the app accessible again? Can't even chose an action like reply, boost or fav anymore.

@JPEG could you please pay attention to iPad users when making Mast 2? The first experience was a bit painful honestly

@JPEG Wow there's some progress already! Didn't expect it so soon. Nice work!

Please add an option to show full-size thumbnails directly in the feed (and profiles, and searches...) without having to tap to open them.

I checked the repo of the current Mast app long ago and saw there was an old request there too about this. Hopefully you can add it this time! 🙂

I'm so excited to see the new app! 😄

@bankick Thanks! Could you elaborate on how you see that working please? Not trying to knock it, but full sized images would be a mess if it's a really long one, and what happens if there are multiple?

@JPEG Hey, sure! Glad to help :)

First of all, I think it would be nice to have some sort of setting (ideally per mastodon instance but I'm not sure if that's possible so a general one would be great too) to enable this feature as I agree that it won't be in the taste of everyone.

I also took the liberty to make a few rough mockups, please forgive me for this, I'm no designer, I only intend to show my idea of the layout, nothing else. (1/7)

@JPEG In most instances, the current behaviour is probably fine, where images just provide some context to the toot. But in other instances, more oriented to photography, the image is the main resource being shared and I think that in those cases it should be as magnificent as possible. (2/7)

@JPEG How I see it, images should adjust by width (I would even use the whole width of the screen available, without any margins) and never crop their height. In other words, "scale" them to maximum available width, and calculate the height to maintain its aspect ratio and show the full image. (3/7)

@JPEG Obviously, vertical images (portraits, for example) will take much more space than a landscape but, personally, I'm fine with it, it's what I actually expect. Even if the picture does not fit in a single "screen", it's not a problem when you are just scrolling through the timeline. (4/7)

@JPEG If the toot contains multiple images, I would just put them one after the other, vertically. I see that this can potentially render very long toots, but again, I think that depending on the case, it doesn't really matter if you really want to see the picture(s). Another variation to this could be to present them like a grid, perhaps 2 or 3 pictures per row. (5/7)

@JPEG Even make this dynamic depending on the total amount of pictures but this could present some issues when images are of different proportions. For example, for 4 pictures, a grid of 2x2. For 5 pictures, a first row of 3 pictures and a second of 2. For 6 pictures, two rows of 3 pictures each (3x3). You get the idea :) (6/7)

@JPEG I understand this idea seems very simplistic in terms of design, but I cannot stress enough how important I think it is in some cases to see the full pictures without any additional actions.

I really hope you like the idea and find a way to implement it some day. Feel free to share your opinion, I'll be glad to know your thoughts :) (7/7)

@bankick Thank you for this. Whilst I agree from a UI standpoint, it's not good from a UX standpoint having it larger and taking up as much space as it needs. As you ideally want to be able to browse multiple toots at once, and then tap into the toot's detail to view more, which could have the larger images.

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