Update on Mast: a very small update will be coming sometime soon to give it better compliance with iOS 13 and change its name to ‘Mast Legacy’ (open to better suggestions if anyone has any). And I’ll start work on Mast 2 which will be a complete rewrite with a focus on iOS 13 and some cool new things with an all new design.

@JPEG it’s been out less than a year and already being shelved? 😕


@donavon Yes and no. The first version of Mast is buggy, and I've been meaning to do a complete redesign. I've started work on Mast 2 or whatever it'll be called, and planning to migrate all users across to that.

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@JPEG Since you’ve already renamed the other as Mast Legacy, could possibly just stick with Mast for the new version. Moving users sounds tricky. Mostly with managing purchases.

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