Update: I've been inactive on and with Mast for the past three weeks but been focussing on a new notes app for iOS 13 that I genuinely believe will take me far. A lot of Apple folk are interested in it, and it's getting coverage by some impressive people. I'm super excited to see where that goes. Regarding Mast, I will be creating a 2.0 once iOS 13 launches, it'll be written from the ground up, and I hope it'll be as bug free as possible.

@JPEG Good luck with the new thing! Looking forward to the Mast re-write though. I just bought it and it's pretty great, but it would be _really_ great if it were more stable.

@JPEG Yay! Looking forward to Mast 2.0 whenever it drops. Allegory, by the way, has been a wonderful app for me. It’s beautiful and I’ve had few issues thus far in the testing process. Great job with it!

@radioactive Thank you! Out of interest, what are the issues that you've had? I want to make it as stable as possible.

@JPEG Just à few crashes on launch. One note didn’t save, but that was a one-off thing. That’s honestly about it, and those things were very minor to me.

@JPEG That's excellent. I'm holding off on a project for iOS 13 (and more clarity around how Core Data is supposed to drive SwiftUI).

@tewha Thanks! That's very sensible, I haven't dived into SwiftUI myself either.

@JPEG looking forward to it! Can you please make long press to change theme a toggle? I’m always accidentally activating it

@JPEG hah! Just found the long-hold-anywhere option sorry

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