This is a fraction of what I've been receiving the past few days/weeks through the App Store and email. It sucks, and it's impacting sales massively (to the point where it makes me question whether continued support is even worth it), but just got to hold it out.

@JPEG i, for one, am downloading your app right now and giving you a 5*. i don't know what the right community response will be to this thing with gab but this seems like a good countermeasure if many of us do it.

@gergolippai That's very kind of you, thank you for the support!

@JPEG by the way, i'm curious: does apple provide any support for app devs who are being trolled this way? are you in comms with them? (wonder if trolled is the right word here. threatened? bullied? 🤔 )


@gergolippai I can report the review, but that’s about it. No guarantee it’ll lead to anything. I’d love some sort of direct line with someone at Apple.

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